Who are you?

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It is funny how the human memory works. Most humans remember feelings smells and tactile sense associated with feelings they have in moments. Let me try to unwind my last sentence a little. The smell of vanilla will make most people think of sun block and sunblock makes most people remember summer days. Days spent in our youth on a trampoline or in the back yard trying to sneak a peak at the neighborhood girls and women sun bathing.  Maybe we will remember trips to the beach with our friends and families. Getting baked and burned by the sun and loving every minute of it, but see, it is the smell then the feel and then the moment. We do not simply, (barring an indivual who poses an eidetic memory) recall any situation. We recall parts and feelings that are associated with moments.

Some philosophers believe that a person is a product of their memories.  I am not sure if this is entirely accurate but in case it is I encourage you to live every moment to the fullest and with the most compassion and passion you can muster.

I will try and do the same.




What is it?

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Yesterday I blogged about happiness sort of… I blogged about me being happy that I finished an ethics course ( I am not a fan of studying ethics at all so getting out of this course alive was an accomplishment).  I also blogged about Aristotle’s view on happiness ( it is a kind of weird one but it is one view) and I blogged about attaining happiness.

So what is happiness? That is the million dollar question isn’t it? What would make me happy or you or him or her? It is subjective and changes on the circumstances doesn’t it? I mean today I will be happy when it is time to go home because I enjoy home more than work and home makes me happy, work ehh not usually oh do you see what just happened? That is an epiphany!

Epiphany is the manifestation of a striking experience or the truth, many religious scholars call the appearance of Christ and epiphany. My epiphany was not an appearance of a messiah but more a realization that work does not make me happy, and that work should make me happy. So what is a man to do?

Perhaps change is in order. I love lists so let’s make one

  1. figure out what type of work would make me happy
  2. learn to accomplish said work
  3. find gainful employment in this work

Three steps simple right? Well simple yes but time consuming…. some people spend years on step one. What is it that will make you happy? Once you figure this out than you can figure out what type of work you should be employed in.

Knowing yourself is a huge step and one that not everyone accomplishes. You are a pretty cool and interesting person. I encourage you today to get to know yourself.




I just finished a course on Ethics and Moral reasoning so I am happy that this is over. I have never been a fan of the subject of Ethics and philosophy. The “science” around ethics is soft at best and there is not any hard evidence to totally support one specific set of rules or laws. Ethics tends to be very gray and subjective.

When the class first started I thought I was going to love it because of the writings of Aristotle mostly. Aristotle basically said that all humans should seek to be happy. I like being happy and this idea sounded great to me! Bring on the Candy! Jelly beans mostly because, jelly beans make me happy. My excited nature was short lived though. As I continued to read Aristotle’s writings I realized what he believed true happiness was. Are you ready for this?

According to Aristotle true happiness is; the fulfillment of virtuous means. Nice huh? So while eating my weight in jelly beans may seem to bring me happiness it is gluttonous and therefore not virtuous and in turn I will not be truly happy and sick as a dog.

The means is another way of saying balance. So true happiness is living a full life that is well balanced within virtues. Almost every major religion preaches balance and so does every self help book and every concerned mother and father. We should always take care of ourselves and others through a balanced well meaning and compassionate approach. Today I will work hard to achieve balance with everything what about you?




From What

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“I don’t waste my time with tv. ” This was a quote from someone at work when asked if they watched a certain television show. The individual then, went on to explain how they did not watch tv because, it served as to much of a distraction.  I simply nodded in agreement but I wondering what they were distracted from.

I did a google search for the words “age of distraction” I can back with some hits. Most of the hits took me to articles that pontificated in a conciliatory manner about distractions destroying the “morals” of our society. If one were to believe the articles, than one would understand that, cellphones tv and internet are making it impossible to focus. This judgy position about distraction does not have much of leg to stand on in the area of neuroscience. An interesting article concerning this myth can be found here.


The idea of distraction being settled I began to wonder, what are you being distracted from? There is a book called “The Shallows” in this book the author claims that distraction, in form of the internet and social media has made it impossible for people to think critically and “dig deeply”.  The focus is still maintained despite being distracted, however I still haven’t been able to answer what? What are we getting distracted from. The quick answer is life. So the next question would be what is life? This is a question for the ages and requires much more time than this post allows. What is life? I love the quote from the United States Declaration of Independence, “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness.”  These three things are unalienable rights, Unalienable means that something cannot be argued or taken away.

Life is inarguable. We are born into it, life that is. NO one can argue that everyone deserves it but how each of it lives it is our own exercise of liberty. What some see as distraction can be construed as investigation. I don’t see communication as distraction. I see this as more of an investigation by observant agents.

It is not distraction but a quest for assurance and positivity, now this being said, is the internet the right place to look? I am not sure, this is the place where I should type something deep like, “look inward because that is where you would find peace assurance and dare I say repose, but what if after looking within you come up empty? I don’t know.. When it comes to religion and philosophy I always feel like barring harm to others, the right thing to do or believe is subjective. If you feel, that the “distraction” holds answers and find them there than this “distraction” is wonderful and great if not, don’t stop looking. The answers are out there. Enlightenment awaits and as a bonus the distraction of the internet provides some hilarious videos.





Earlier this morning I was reading an article that came on the AP wire.  I pasted a link to the article and it is a very interesting one. The article deals with global warming or climate change and more importantly the way that global warming has become a political polarized issue in the United States.
Everytime I hear someone say something like “global warming is a myth” or “global warming is not man made” I kind of get upset and disappointed. There is tremendous evidence and I will not post it all here just not enough space or time to do this but there is evidence that debunks both of those claims. The rate of global warming we are experiencing is significant and it is man made that is the truth now why do people not accept the truth and works towards solutions harmoniously?  I think this not accepting and working together stems from the anger and disappoint I experience. People who are told that the earths’ climate  is changing significantly are taken back and disappointed. One thing that seems to be static throughout the history of forever is the state of the earths climate. I mean no matter what happens today the sun will set and rise again tomorrow right? Now with climate change people are being told that the way the earth uses the sun is changing and it is due in a large part to the way humans pollute. It probably cause anger fear disappointment and denial all at once.
The AP article that is posted in this blog is a really good one I encourage you to read it. The article does a deep dive into, the United States embracing science and technology and now basically turning its back on science and technology.
People are emotional creatures and this is a very good thing I hope we never lose our emotions however people also need to continue to learn. I would like to encourage all of us to learn as much as we can from each other and help each other as much as we can. It is learning and helping that will get us through the global warming we are experiencing as well as the emotions with the culture shock of discovering how this global warming was created. I would like to end with a quote from the Posted AP article “”True unity is not a unity in conformity, but a unity in diversity,” he says. “We look at differences as an opportunity to learn, not to divide.””
Photo published for DIVIDED AMERICA: Global warming polarizes more than abortion

DIVIDED AMERICA: Global warming polarizes more than abortion

WASHINGTON (AP) — Tempers are rising in America, along with the temperatures.Two decades ago, the issue of climate change wasn’t as …



It is Thursday the second to last day of the week, after today it will be Friday and many of us will be looking at the weekend. With the expectation of Friday Thursdays can seem like they last forever, the longest day of the week may require some motivation and I have it in spades for you! Take a look and listen to the you tube video I have posted and read this…

I have heard people say things like “it is poor form to continue to compete when you know you lost”, “a man should know when he is beaten”, “you should admit when you have reached your limit”. I have heard these things from all types of people at all stages of my life so far. Now let me type some other phrases I have heard, “Everyone is just like you”, “we all put our pants on one leg at a time”, “you can do anything if you put your mind to it”, “life is not fair but you really can do anything if you work hard.”. Who did I hear this from? My parents of course.  If you are a parent understand this, the voice and words you use when you speak with your children will become their inner voice.

No matter what your inner voice is saying or isn’t saying no matter how long Thursday seems to be taking understand this. You are not beaten, you can do anything people are amazing and with hard work you will win and hey tomorrow is Friday.



You just do this

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You may not know it by reading my blog but I really enjoy running or maybe I should call it jogging. I am not fast and I don’t run very far, I do 3 miles a day during the week and my pace is somewhere between 9:30 and 10:00 a mile. I am not a fan because of my skills or lack of them I am a fan because running is cheaper than therapy. I get about 20 to thirty minutes of time where I can meditate and exercise at the same time. During and after a  good run I feel both refreshed and tired. It is hard to describe but how to run is very easy to describe.

My second oldest son joined the track team at school and has been practicing cross country running. I think he really enjoys it, at least that is the impression I have gleaned from speaking with him after his practices. Just yesterday we spoke about running and the conversation got to the simplicity of the action. “You just put one foot in front of the other and you don’t stop until you’re done” that was the quote from my track star son.  He is right though.

We live in an era of “big data” and there are experts who analyze everything but there has to be action to have this data to analyze. There is nothing wrong with analyzing data unless this analyze is not coupled with action. Sometimes we can over analyze and get nothing done.

There is a quote that is often over used but I still love it. “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than the things you did… ” Mark Twain