Failure to prepare on your part does not make for an emergency on my part. Ahh this is the statement, used often in the army. The problem with this statement though is that, it is wrong. If you are part of a team which you more than likely will be and honestly are. you are part of team world, part of humanity, but as part of, a team a failure of a team mate does make a difference for you.

“A chain is no stronger than it’s weakest link, and life is after all a chain”– William James

So what is one to do when our weakest link is; always late, always not prepared, just a tough sell. Give and give till it hurts. Society, work and homes are missing, compassion. That is my personal take away. Without compassion our weakest links will always be exploited and everyday will be an emergency.

So do us and yourself a favor and be compassionate.




Own It!!

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“I often quote myself. It adds spice to my conversations” — George Bernard Shaw

Who are you? That is a huge question, a question we usually face and answer in adolescence. A question that comes at puberty. I always thought it  cruel of mother nature.  Your body is changing and now guess what? Now you need to define and discover who you are.

After puberty we hopefully discover who we are and spend our lives working on being the best us we can be but there may come a time in our adult lives when we look again at who we are and how other people see us. This can be good or bad.

I have some news for you, if you like who you are than don’t change. If you dislike who you are than you can still change and work on you. I heard someone say this once we should all be the people that our dogs think we are. If you’ve ever owned a dog than you know that; a dogs loyalty comes quickly and is tremendous they love seeing you and hate it when you leave.

You may have done some foul things and may have some trouble liking yourself well do yourself a favor and take advice from the champ.

“Service to others is the rent we pay for our time here on earth” — Muhammad Ali

If you like who you are and someone else doesn’t. Don’t sweat it. They will come around.






Just do It

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Welcome to the post that gets me sued. I honestly don’t think Nike will sue me for this title but if they do the joke is on them because I am broke.

Remember the Nike campaign with the slogan Just Do It? I do. I loved that campaign. The campaign slogan reminds me of one of my most favorite authors quote. “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” — Mark Twain

You know I am a proponent for planning. It is important to plan out your trip your business and your day but even more important is planning. The key to success is not good planning it is good doing. If you plan and do not do you will never get anything done. Planning has to have the component of action involved with it if you want to succeed.

Be a doer today




Just chill and Listen to Bach

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Are you reading this post on a PC, laptop or tablet? If you answered yes tell me then, how many windows do you have open right now?

Crazy right? Modern “convinces”  of email and web access have become ancillary to the business process and more work is now done in fewer hours so with more work came the demand for well more work. We can feel like we are trapped in a hamster wheel at work. A hamster wheel that spins quicker with each rotation.

With work becoming more and more oppressive it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. Do yourself a favor, no don’t quit, the mortage needs to be paid but plkug in your headophnes and turn up some Bach.

Music is an amazing tool, when we listen to music our brains react in a wonderful way and Bach was a genius. Plug in and allow the music to take you to the country side, along the brooks and in the shade of the tree.

Do this today and know that you got this work thing.




Over and Over and Over again

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This morning I read an interesting article about a scientists hypothesis for what there was before the big bang. To make a long story short, the answer is that before the big bang there was another universe. That’s deep right?

Here is the link to that article

The idea of cyclic universe is so intriguing to me. This cyclic nature of literally everything makes me believe a little more in second chances and forgiveness. People make mistakes. People make mistakes daily and some mistakes can cause serious damage and the problem with life is that we do not have a reset button. We live with our mistakes but see now with this new theory it seems that, there is a reset button for.. well everything and everyone.

If you think about it, every morning we get a second chance don’t we? So don’t waste your second chance today and if you do well you may get the chance again and again and again.



No such thing

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Facebook is very cool. I mean that for real. I like facebook. Every blog post I make is sent to Twitter and then every tweet I make is sent to Facebook. Just yesterday I posted about when nothing is more than something and a Facebook friend reminded me that, there is really no such thing as nothing. See isn’t Facebook cool?

I love the podcast Star Talk. The host of Star talk is Neil degrasse Tyson. Dr. Tyson is an astro physicist and in charge of the hayden planetarium.  On the show Star Talk the dr. fields questions about space. One caller asked about the ability to measure darkness and dr. Tyson said that this was not possible to do. Darkness cannot be measured only light. \

So back to the idea of nothing. What does nothing weigh? How tall or wide is nothing? These are impossible to answer because there is always something. Even in the darkest dark there is some light to measure.

So no matter how hopeless things seem it would help to keep this in mind I mean seriously you guys tomorrow is Friday!!




Never. That’s the quick answer right? Nothing is never more than something except when it is. Oh man, there is never an easy answer for my blog posts. See if there was an easy answer the posts would be like, one or two lines long and then what would I do with all the spare time I have?

Have you ever worked really hard towards a goal and then been denied the goal? In other words, have you ever participated in youth sports? Ahh yes you work all season and then maybe you win the championship.

I remember loosing some championship games and I remember the good coaches saying something like “well guys this season was not for nothing.” Then the coach would remind us how much we learned and what a great time we had. You know he was right. Really he was.

Often we will not get what we want. You usually never get what you want the first time you try but what you get while seeking what you want can be more valuable than what you are trying to get. The only thing is that we need to see what we are getting. Sometimes we become myopic and super focused and miss out on some wonderful things.


and try to see the forest and the trees today