Little League Baseballs most important lesson

Posted: May 6, 2010 in Uncategorized

Never Give up. When asked, coaches and parents will go on and on about teamwork, good sportsmanship, pride, hark work ethic and reasoning skills. These  are all definitely very important skills and are all definitely taught in little league baseball but the most important skill taught in little league baseball is the lesson in endurance. Endurance is defined as: the ability or strength to continue or last. I would be captain obvious if I was to state that “life is hard”…. so let me get my cape and find a phone booth to change in because …..”life is hard! sometimes really hard and it is way to easy to give up and merely survive.” There are far too many zombies and victims in the world today who are not enduring but just existing they have put them selves on “cruise control and are just acting out their lives”. In little league baseball I hear the words from the coach “keep your heads up we are still in this” or “that’s ok we will get them next time” and I smile because these words are life lessons. When you get hit with real  life situations like;  more bills than check, children who “hate” you jobs you hate we can look back on lessons we learned from our coaches on the baseball field through phrases like “keep your head up” or “hustle out there” and my favorite “give yourself a hand this may have been a loss but you played a great game all the way to the end.”

This season is the first season of little league baseball for my son Johnathan in practice Johnathan was excited and motivated by the second game Johnathan had hit a wall (Johnathan had 0 in hits column and team had 0 in win column). Johnathan wanted to give up and quit baseball I wouldn’t let him. I gave him the you made a commitment and stay with this till end of season speech. Yesterday was the fourth game and the team now has a 2 – 2 record and Johnathan left the game with the team ball suffice to say Johnathan is excited again and I want to believe he has maybe learned a valuable lesson I hope anyways.


  1. Franklin says:

    Very insightful…

  2. thanks franklin I was shooting for somewhat but very is way better

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