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Recently I was suprised by actions of parents of the children on the T ball team I had the pleasure of coaching this year. Let me explain: this year I had the honor of coaching my son Conors t ball team. We dont keep score in T ball but we keept all ten players on the team all season and everyone learned to hit run catch and throw. Just last Saturday the team got together at the local pizza joint. Had a great party. I was kinda disappointed in myself because I was unable to make arrangements to get trophies for all the kids I called the parents the day before the party and let them know i was not able to get the trophies but the party would still happened. The day of the party the parents came through for the kids with trophies and a cake. Sometimes when you feel like you have seen or heard it all you get pleasantly suprised like this. Thanks parents that was two great gestures that really made the kids and my day!!!