The Game is on!!

Posted: February 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

OK Blogosphere. It’s been a while but I am so back and what a better way to come back than with a contest? Ok there is the bang and bangs are awesome I mean it is how everything started and they make some girls look really cute hmm.  Ok than Bang baby I’m back and that bang you just read was the starting gun sounding off for my blog contest against my buddy Cassie she is here: . We are posting a blog a day for the year the one with the most (cause you so know we will miss days) at the end of the year wins. Tell them what they win Bobby!!!! We don’t have a prize yet… Here’s and idea you tell us what we win comment on this blog we will consider and let you know what we think.

So OK day one of the contest What should I rant on and on about? Oh I so know and might I say with the   contest kicking off this post will be quite apropos (use that in a sentence today and all your peep will be like wow). But here it is…… When is Competition a good thing. There is this insanely smart woman (hot too) who once told me life is about timing. Let me say this axiom rings true with competition as well it is all about timing. Competition can make something that has become stale and lifeless the exuberant visceral thing it started out as for you. So when competition does this it is such a good thing. Sometimes as the impetuous creates people are we attack parts of our life with a vengeance then we experience the burned out blahs when this happens (I’ll go all dr Phil on you) jump start your passion with some competition. It is not a bad thing to beat someone down like a good friend at writing a blog it will help both you and her  get excited about writing stuff on the internet for friends family and complete strangers to read. So in conclusion when things get stale just make a game of it you, your fellow competitors and your fan base will so love it



  1. Cassie says:

    John, don’t hurt yourself trying to use all those big words that you had to look up in the dictionary before posting!

    Oh and John……BRING. IT. ON.!!!!

  2. John… you’re gonna have to step it up. lol Cassie’s posting like TWO a day.

  3. […] last major announcement made on this blog was a post I made challenging my buddy Cassie. So far I am killing her in that challenge (I know it doesn’t seem like that big of a deal […]

  4. […] started writing this  blog in response to a friend of mines challenge. My friend and I set out in February to see who could in the span of one year post the most. I am […]

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