Get a move on or slow down cowboy

Posted: February 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

Day two of my contest with Cassie and I almost forgot to post close one Cassie  but no luck. For those who don’t know Cassie and I are in a contest one blog post a day for the year the one with the most blog posts at year end is the winner (spoiler alert:…. I won this already baby!!). This is my blog duh and here is Cassies: . So like I mentioned earlier day two and I am still going strong which is a good thing and brings me to todays point going strong keeping the pace moving forward is what life is and unfortunately is confusing and hard.

As a child and when I was in the Army (yes 3 glorious years) I was often told to “get a move on son, soldier fill in the blank (yeah let your imagination run wild)”. When I started running (which is great exercise and so much cheaper than therapy I totally suggest trying it you know the running thing) I was told to “keep pace” I was also told to “find and keep my pace”. The “find and keep my pace” comment was my aha moment. Life is made up of aha moments you may not recognize these epiphanies till later on in life but you will have many of them and they make you who you are. So my aha moment was the “find and keep your pace” comment. When I heard this comment I was handed the answer to how you can Get a move on and slow down cowboy all at the same time Boom Baby. The trick to moving forward is that simple find your pace (much emphasis on your) and then keep it.

Quick story… It’s no secret I love sports all kinds one sport I like quite a lot is professional basketball. I remember when the Orlando Magic Basketball team drafted Shaquille O neal as their starting center in 1992 He came into the league on fire the 7 foot 325 lb phenom seemed unstoppable breaking records winning championships making everyone on his team play great basketball. I remember a comment made about Shaquille O neal and the it was along the lines that someone who was his size could never maintain the pace he has set for any significant length of time. I really wish I could remember who made this comment but I can’t. Let me say this Shaq is playing in his 19 th season and is still playing at a level others will never reach. What was Shaq’s secret? He found his pace and kept it. Mark today down the day you find your pace and keep it others may say things like slow down cowboy but you know who you are and what you can do so figure it out and do it every day or every other day set the pace (your pace) and keep it. Setting and keeping the pace will win me this contest and make everyone a champion of their life (I know super lame champion of life) but hey finding and keeping the pace will really make a difference in life

Oh yeah Cassie you may want to give up this is so over



  1. cassie says:

    John, I changed my blog address! Tumblr was turning out to be the place where all the cool kids DIDN’T hang, so I mosied on over to blogspot. Here’s the new address, y’all, check it out:

    I’m so gonna wipe the floor with you, just so ya know!

  2. cassie says:

    OK, John……….you’re losing. We’re not gonna play if you’re not going to give me some *real* competition! :-p

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