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The answer is no

Posted: March 31, 2011 in Uncategorized

Growing up with three sisters I was not unfamiliar with the phrase “the answer is no”. Despite our best efforts in engaging our parents in litigation when we heard “the answer is now” the bargaining table was closed folded up and the subject dropped. Honestly from my own experience with this and being a observor of current culture I have come to conclusion that my parents did right by me and my sisters using this phrase and bargaining tactic. Alow me to explain.

If you are an adult over the age of 25 I am sure you are aware that the answer often in many situations is no. No you are not ready for the promotion right now, you came late to class so no I am not going to give you credit, you have too much revolving credit so no I am not going to approve you for a loan. I was told no in my childhood so when I was told no as an adult it didn’t hurt at all (ok that’s a lie). It does hurt when we are told no. We want something sometimes we plan on receiving this thing and only to have the rug ripped out from under this ( and it really sucks). I have dealt with many of the no’s in my life with what I like to believe was an adult manner and sometimes I had the no’s change to yes’ and that’s great.

I sometimes wonder how I would’ve dealt with no’s in my adult life had I not been told no as a child. Even though I do not have a time machine I can observe adults who were once children and where never told no. Observing these adults that carry with them (which I have no doubt is mainly in part because they where never told no) an air of self-importance and unwarranted sense of entitlement, get slammed in the face by the utter cold reality of adult life makes your heart-break. What hurts even more than seeing the train wreck situations these individuals submerge themselves in is watching the reactions. I can see the veil put up by being raised without the word no get ripped away and behind it is an unprepared frightened angry child in a cold adult world. A friend of mine runs the Youth Challenge Academy on Fort Stewart GA ( If you didn’t check out the link, (which you so should) the Youth Challenge Academy is a school made for high school dropouts. This is basically the last step for many of these troubled youths before a turn around or prison. Well my friend the director of the program has often said that ” a mother’s job is to make her self un needed in her children’s life”.  This statement as you can assume has gotten my buddy into some hot water with mothers over time. Mothers will always be mothers and their children will always be their children however the children will grow into adults and even though mothers will always want to protect and provide for their children they can’t. According to the laws of nature most children will out live their parents so their will be a substantial amount of time a child will have to exist on earth on his own laurels.  

If you are a parent who always says yes perhaps you should consider the adult you want your child to grow into and if you are an adult who has never been told no get ready buddy the no’s are coming hard and fast.




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LIfe is Unfair

Posted: March 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

I grew up with three sisters a mom and dad and one lesson I and my sisters learned early on was that life is not fair. I can remember one situation in particular where I was complaining to my mom about not getting enough playing time on the school soccer team and how unfair it was. “Life isn’t fair now get in the car!” My mom drove me to the department Before the end of that season I had become a starter and if I say so my self was pretty good.

Later in life I was having some problems (problems never go away) and of course I was complaining, this time to my dad. “This just isn’t fair what this person is doing!” my dad cut me off before I could finish my complaining (and thanks to for that by the way) “Look Johnny life is not fair it won’t be fair people don’t have to be fair but there is right and wrong and make sure you do the right thing.” Dad was right there will be in your life no situation that is fair. So take a minute let that sink in the deck is always stacked sometimes in your favor often times not. You usually cannot control this either (you are now all like gee thanks for the good news right). Well there is always a silver lining and the silver lining in all of this is that although you usually can’t control the situation you are in you can control how you act in the situation. When my kids were born I was worried about their health no birth defects all their limbs type of things.  Now that they are getting older I am less and less worried about their health as I am the way they treat others and I hope they treat others better than I have. Because dad was right you don’t have to be fair but you should always do the right thing.



It’s not experience

Posted: March 29, 2011 in Uncategorized

I have heard people say that the definition of insanity is “repeating the same action and expecting different result” well these people are wrong ( That is not the definition of insanity at all. However repeating the same actions without a change in actions or environment in which action takes place could be considered foolish.

I have also heard that “experience is the best teacher and this is just another statement I would have to disagree with. Experience is not the best teacher at all. What makes a teacher a good teacher? Let’s see a good teacher equips his pupil with the tools and understanding of how to use said tool  to life his life to the fullest. experience is a tool much like a good text-book. Having the tools to do a job however may not get you to do it a good teacher will show you how to get the job done with those tools. So let’s change the two statements. “repeating the same action and expecting different results is foolish and the analysis of experience is the best teacher.” Hmm… Your right “Experience is the best teacher does sound better” Ok let’s stick with that axiom it’s just when we hear it or say it we will throw out a wink cause we know that the experience does not have to be ours. We can analyze any experiences by anyone and learn more than anyone ever has.



Get it done!

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I am writing this post much later than usual. I have been making a habit of posting first thing in the morning, however because of an early morning wake up I was unable to log on and type this post. When I got home I began to generate excuses to not post tonight. The biggest excuse was that I didn’t feel like typing . Off all the excuse I could not come up with the one that would’ve stopped me and that is the lack of an idea.

I have seen men with an incredible amount of knowledge do almost nothing and that’s sad. I have also seen men with a not so incredible amount of knowledge do much and that’s amazing. When all is said and done what matters is not what or who you know but what you have or haven’t done.



An expensive paper weight

Posted: March 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

Let’s see for some reason I cannot stop thinking about those Cisco commercials (, the ones welcoming all of us to the human network. Those two words together “human network” (and I know it’s just a marketing ploy) have really resonated with me. While I was in school getting my degree in computer science a big deal was made about “the power of the network”. With all the networks power and no content the devices which connect to it are simply really expensive paper weights. I feel our lives are the same way if we go throughout live as a closed in, locked out introvert we are going to miss out on so much. Today try to connect with people and become part of the “human network”.

I promised someone I would mention him and his band in today’s blog his name is Bobby Tuskey ( and the Band is Kings cross( There you go Bobby (ha ha I’m kidding). But really Bobby Tuskey does play in a band named Kings Cross. The band is a newer band and they are trying to spread the word in a grass movement way here: .  They of course have a facebook page as well as a twitter account ( ), before you follow them on twitter make sure you follow me (!/john_corrigan) I mean Bobbys band is really cool and all but I’ m me! But just know that right now there  to connect with Bobby his band and me  you have at least four options. So get out there and experience the “human network”.





A good conmpromise

Posted: March 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

I was once told that “a good compromise leaves no parties happy but all are satisfied”. So the let me put the question out there are you satisfied? When you think of it almost everyday of our adult lives we participate in some sort of compromise.  I mean what are bills? They are the cost of getting some type of good or service that to me is a compromise. The service provider gives up his or her resource, talent, time and you usually in return give up an amount of wealth. We at times evaluate or services that we pay for and decide “hey I am not happy or satisfied and we cancel the contract and opt out of the contract.

Now I have also been told that “there are two things in life someone should never compromise with anyone about, love and morals”. This sounds great however it is not easy, and if we adhere to this “axiom” we may become a lonely old man with no friends. On the other hand There are many individuals living in loveless relationships and lives full of regret from really immoral actions (i know ouch right). I am thinking of Hannah and when she gets older and starts to date and god forbid wants to get married of all the advice I may or may not give her then I hope she will wait to marry the guy that gives her butterflies and makes her heart skip beats.

Happy friday