who knows better?

Posted: April 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

Who knows you better than yourself? No one. I mean really, you spend more time with yourself than anyone else, so you would know the most about yourself. You know what makes you happy and sad what your strengths and weakness. Wait you don’t? Well don’t worry many people don’t know. The reasons for not understanding who we are have different faces but all a common theme we haven’t listened to us. Before I began typing this post I drove in my car with the radio on, while talking on the telephone. When I got to the house I sent a text on my phone, turned on the television, radio and started typing the post (heck right now I have over five separate webpages with five different sets of information on them). Why am I mentioning this? Well all of these things are good things they can change from tools for communicating and learning to tools used to distract us from the most important person which is ourselves. Am I promoting a selfish attitude? I don’t think so. The thing about altruistic actions is that if they are achieved by someone who is not comfortable with themselves than they usually fall short of their intentions. The bottom line is until you yourself are happy it will be nearly impossible to help make someone else happy. Now let me restate that you cannot help someone, until you are happy or you understand what is needed and set wheels in motion to achieve your happiness. To know what you need you must know who you are and sometimes we need to disconnect from everything and gain some perspective through an undistracted look in the mirror. A friend of mine used to challenge me one day a month leave your cell phone at home and at work home every where I go say nothing to no one only listen. This exercise seems a little crazy but it gives you some of this undistracted time that many of us need to move forward with discovering who we are and self-actualization. Remember it wasn’t until Pablo Picaso was forced into a Nazi occupied France that he started writing and some of the poems he wrote are chilling and beautiful. So take the time whenever you can to listen and get to know you.



  1. shanna says:

    How did that challenge go? Were you able to just listen for a whole day??

  2. Ha you know me to well to think I could be quiet for a whole day even though I probably should be

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