What’s up with the Bunny?

Posted: April 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

Yesterday I sat next to my doll baby Hannah (for those who don’t know Hannah is my 9-year-old daughter) at the Easter church service at Westside Baptist Church. The preacher gave a sermon about the death and resurrection of Christ and during the sermon Hannah leaned over and asked “what’s up with the bunny? If that’s what it’s all about why the bunny?” I let her know I would check it out and get back with her.

So I have looked and I am going to get back to her about the bunny but let’s talk about when Easter is celebrated as well as passover. These celebrations line up with the spring equinox. A time when everyone on earth because of the earths rotation experiences a 12 hour of sunlight day. This is a time when the Earth changes seasons and resets nature.  Life can become hectic and sometimes even dark, much like the winter season. Even though winter is dark and dreary nature needs the cooler months to provide nourishment to the soul the more spiritual person would say we need the hectic and dark times to build who we really are. I am not sure if I am that deep but I do know nature changes seasons and resets itself so following the life as nature analogy if we are in dark and hectic times we should look forward to our own equinox anytime now.



  1. shanna says:

    But…… What’s up with the BUNNY????

  2. You will have to ask Hannah

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