“The only true wisdom is in……

Posted: April 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

Go ahead complete the quote and name the author. I know you know. When you read it you will kick yourself. ..Knowing that you know nothing” — Socrates. 

It was this belief that compelled Socrates to question authority and got him arrested and executed for the corruption of the youth. It was this believe that has pushed ordinary men to do great things and it through understanding of this believe we can empower ourselves to do the same great things. Western philosophy uses this belief to help keep everything into perspective. It was this belief that really pushed scientists to learn pure mathematics, natural science, physics, astronomy, biology. Until this concept of knowing we know nothing phenomena as simple as water freezing  was explained away by wise men an “act of the gods”. Now through knowledge gleaned over scientific study we not only know why water freezes but at what temperatures it will freeze at ( I say temperatures because depending on what is in water like salt or any other impurities the temp will change). If we are to learn anything in science or life, we must first understand that we know nothing. Many times, accepted beliefs and views have changed because we have, through study and proof gained through experimentation, learned the accepted notions where incorrect much like centrifugal force (that’s right there is no such thing as centrifugal force).  Change is always hard it is even harder when you “know everything”.




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