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“That’s my job….”

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So I am kind of excited. If you follow me on twitter (  then you know that last night I interviewed Josh Maxwell. Shanna went along. She took pictures, and helped out, too (thanks Shanna).  (By the way if you aren’t following me on twitter you should. I don’t give away money or anything, but I mean, hello! I am me, so there’s that).

The interview went great. I choose to interview Josh because he is a personal trainer at the local YMCA and he is doing some really cool things there.

I am not going to spoil my upcoming feature in my 31 days campaign, but I will let you know the comment for the title is from the interview last night. Josh said, “That’s my job as a personal trainer, I help you find your limit and push you a little past it.”

I have always loved the idea of pushing myself past my limit. I love facing the hopeless situations, and seeing through them.  After doing this time and time again, I began to notice a new kind of drive in me. What I once looked at with fear became replaced by opportunity; apprehension was replaced my an anxious desire to see what was around the bend. The feeling from these situations I once dreaded gives me a high that is almost indescribable. Don’t get me wrong, I still have wrecked nerves, but they now feel as though they function at a higher level. Besides the anticipation before an event on my “outer limits”, there is also the euphoria I feel after I have moved beyond my limits. Some describe this euphoric feeling as a “runner’s high”.  

I have competed on teams before, at sports and all kinds of different games. Something that I have noticed about having this attitude, where you thrive for and want to be pushed beyond your limits, is that it spreads throughout the team. “If he can do it, I can do it; and if I can do it, we can do it” . This is the attitude of championship teams. When you think about it, we are all on a team here on “space ship earth”. No one really knows all the answers, but we should know when we approach our limits that we can go beyond them and we can also be a success. If you know this, then continue to pursue this; and if you are not sure, find people who know this and follow them. Let their attitude rub off on you.




So this is my second post in the proofreader era of my blog experience and I am getting over the initial sting.

When I was younger and getting ready for school I was taken to the doctor’s office for something called immunizations. My mother (who was given the thankless task of carrying me and my three sisters to our appointments) told me that I had to see the doctor so that I could go to school (notice how she didn’t say to get your shots?).  So the doctor came in and checked my vitals: breathing? Check. Heart beating? Check. Normal temperature? Check. He looked in my ears to make sure that my brain was still there and then told us that the nurse would be in shortly. The nurse… huh, I wonder what she is going to do. The nurse came in, sat down on the stool once occupied by the good doctor, looked at my mom and asked “do you think you will need to hold him?”. Hold me for what? Like what is going on here? All she does is parade around in those funny looking pajamas and do the doctor’s paperwork, right?  After being told no, the nurse reached into a drawer and her hand reappeared with a plastic tube and an envelope. She proceeded to open the envelope, and while she was screwing the needle into the plastic tube, she lied to me: “you are going to feel a little sting”. Ha! That shot hurt. After the shot I decided I would never let someone shot me in the arm again (yeah I got more shots after that even though I made that decision). My mom explained to me that, “You have to have the shot to go to school and you have to go to school so that you can get an education.”

Well, I went to school, got an education, and I am sure that the education I received has really allowed me to have some benefits that are not there for individuals lacking education. I am a firm believer in the power of education, and it did sting a little, but I am glad I got those shots.

So- like I mentioned earlier, this is the second post for my proofreader. While the realization that I haven’t mastered the english language enough to exist without a proofreader in the blog world did sting, the posts finally being readable by my two fans makes the sting a little more bearable.



Be prepared……

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When I was in the Army everything had a name or phrase. One phrase I became quickly familiar with was “when you fail to prepare, you are preparing to fail”. I was 18, an American male, and out on my own for the first time in my life. It may seem like something that need not be said, but let me say it. I did fail to prepare, and I did fail a lot. My career in the U.S. Army lasted only three glorious years, and despite being wrought with failure, it ended with  three  things: 1. I survived, 2. I received an honorable discharge, and 3. I learned how to prepare (sort of).

These may seem like small feats to you,  however to me – they are monumentous. Surviving is very important. I love life even at it’s worst I have always considered life to be much better than the alternative. And receiving an honorable discharge was a big deal for me. I made an obligation… I fulfilled it… And, as my reward, Uncle Sam gave me a certificate. I earned the title of veteran (I salute all veterans of the United States Armed forces). 

Finally, through my constant failures and few successes in my military career, along with the lovely cadence of my superior non-commissioned officers, I learned the importance of preparation. This quote (which I thought, up until two years ago, was created and owned by my former superiors) is a gem given to us by the great Benjamin Franklin: “By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail.” I experimented with old Ben’s advice. I would enter, much to the chagrin of my superior officers, training exercises without looking over the material and maps provided in the pre-operation briefings, and fail miserably. I later took time to listen and learn in the pre-ops (that’s what they were called for short) and would be rewarded with praise; and one time a medal. Chest-swelling moment, as well as an epiphany. 

I am reminded of this learning moment because as I type this post I am preparing for my first interview for my 31 days campaign. I am interviewing Josh Maxwell, a personal fitness trainer at the local YMCA. Part of my training is preparing questions, as well as getting some background on him. I know it may seem foolish to prepare for an interview that will be read by probably four people tops, but getting those medals and praise were nothing compared to the feeling I had within myself after a mission accomplished.



A second set

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So when I was in I believe it was fifth or sixth  grade, I can remember being at school and doing a great deal of squinting. When I was at home I didn’t do as much squinting because I was at home not tied to a desk and was more of a master of my spatial destiny.

It wasn’t until I was subjected to a place that I was not a master that my ever observant mother noticed that I was squinting so hard I could have been blindfolded with dental floss and had my eyes checked. After having my eyes checked it was determined to help me see and stifle my already plummeting social prowess. 

So besides stunting my social growth my glasses also provided me with a much better view of my world and magically made my, monster, headaches go away. I had a second set of eyes. I have been typing this blog everyday for some time now (except Saturday’s and Sunday’s) and as I am sure you are well aware I don not have a proof reader. Well good news I am getting one. This proof reader will review and make this a more readable and hopefully more enjoyable experience for every fan out there.

It is impossible to, successfully, be your own proof reader. When you proof read your own work your sub conscious tends to “fix” all the places you over looked. I am hoping my new “second set” will alleviate my readers headaches and make this time for my readers on the internet more enjoyable than and already is.

fingers crossed




Uncle Mo.  Websters defines an uncle as: “1.

a brother of one’s father or mother.

an aunt’s husband.

a familiar title or term of address for any elderly man.”
I find the third definition most interesting. I grew up with 4 uncles. My uncle Tim, uncle Keith, uncle Gary and uncle Wayne. I was introduced to the uncle Mo until about three years ago by my good friend Vince.
Uncle Mo is short for uncle momentum. Momentum is defined by Websters as: “1.

force or speed of movement; impetus, as of a physical object or course of events: The car gained momentum going downhill. Her career lost momentum after two unsuccessful films.
2. an aspect of a thing.”
In this case I would like to focus on both definitions. Let us look at the first definition well first (hmm??). Ok no brainer momentum is the force gained through movement or one might say force gained from force. I have heard the phrases “gaining momentum” , “a momentum shift” and, “loosing momentum” used. I agree with the use of only two of the three terms the one I disagree with is the third I have a problem with the term loosing momentum. The reason I have issue with this phrase is because of the second definition of momentum. The second definition is a philosophical one.  An aspect of a thing. Momentum is an aspect of a force. I like to picture people after birth as always moving. Even when we are not physically moving something is always at work within us heart beating, brain synapse firing. The religious will argue that even after death the soul is still moving engaging with the other dead and the creator. But honestly here on earth we are always moving. Momentum is an aspect of every person so since this is an aspect I don’t think we can lose our momentum. To lose momentum would be to lose a part of you that makes you human. I tend to like the second expression  better than the third,  “a momentum shift”. So the question I guess is not a matter of if we will be moving but where and how much we move. 
This is something to think about daily. Don’t let this freak you out look at it as a call and opportunity. Every action everyday, that we do, think, see or hear,  defines us, and generates more and more momentum. Like I said that last statement is kind of deep and can be scary but just think of it this way since every action and thought generates momentum we can start with positive small ones and the big ones will come more easily.  So can we make a difference? Yes we do everyday sometimes good and sometimes bad.

Snow ball slides downhill and speeds up. Great example of momentum


Are you on that level?

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I watch some tv now, not as much as I did five years ago just some. When I am getting ready in the morning to go to work I have been known to turn on ESPN and catch the highlights. I am not sure if you are aware of this but I love sports. All sports and I also love to make games of things, so ESPN is great entertainment for me. 

Right now we are in the start of summer or what I like to call the end of basketball, middle of baseball season. No American football. Some soccer.. Really, the highlights and games are almost nonexistent. So my television channel drifted this morning to some news channel and news shows. When I was a kid I remembered, on the rare occasions that I woke up early enough, that I would see my dad. He would be watching  the local news and I would catch a glimpse. This may only be nostalgia talking, but it seems there was much more reporting going on then. Now everyone gives their opinion of situations and the reasons why.If you watch and listen for trends in the news you may have heard the term “he (or she) was on a different level” this is also used like: “they performed out of their mind” there are a lot of variations and I am afraid the term may be over used already, but it really is a profound idea when you think about it.

I mean, it is easy to go through live doing the quintessential and keeping the status quo. I am not against the status quo at all. Don’t get me wrong, if something isn’t broken don’t fix it however, there are times when “things break”. I have made previous posts about change, but this is a little different from change.

Being on another level is more like reaching a point in our praxis where everything is sublime. Today you may feel some of the “Monday blah’s”, even though it is Thursday. The best cure for this is to move forward and reach that level. You will know what I mean when you get there.



Are you still doing it?

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I was at the mall not to long ago doing more looking than buying, (as always) sometimes it’s just nice to walk in the air-conditioned replacement for suburbia’s answer for the commercial district of downtown and do some people watching and window shopping. In the same town prior to visiting the mall I visited the downtown commercial district and viewed many buildings that had style history, personality and unfortunately very few people or products. It was at the mall that I found the people and products.

One product that caught my eye was a t-shirt at the shoe store. It was a Nike t-shirt and stamped across the front where the words “Still doing it”. I didn’t purchase the shirt. Although I found the shirt to be thought-provoking and inspirational. I did not find it to be so much so that it deserved my 25 dollars. So being the fair consumer I am the t-shirt continued to hang in the window of the shop, my wallet did not lose weight and  my wardrobe maintained its current waist size. The more I thought about the T-shirts message the more it resonates with me makes me look at the 25 dollars as a more minuscule amount than it was in my previous trip to the mall (funny huh?).

I loved Nikes “Just do it campaign”. Really empowering. Nike an athletic apparel company in an appeal to all of us couch potatoes out there who would like to live healthy happy lives without working out or eating right. Gave us a rally cry. Don’t talk about a healthy happy life style get up off your back side and make it happen (of course with our shoes, t-shirts, shorts and all other types of sports equipment). To be honest with you it was this rally cry as well as jogging for the first time in my life that made me want to live an active life.

I love to run if I don’t run it is usually a bad day.  I love the feeling before during and after a run. A sense of accomplishment, the feeling of muscle exhaustion and when you aren’t running you just feel lighter and more happy. Having all that going for it sometimes it is still hard to “just do it.” Starting to run was and is tough. I started running years ago and everyday it is still a struggle to make time and do it. Seeing that t-shirt got me to thinking “yes I am still doing it and I will keep doing it till I absolutely can’t anymore”.   Everyone has something they do somewhere they go that they enjoy doing they make it their own in many ways and they absolutely love it, the feelings this activity gives them are almost euphoric and despite this there are still days where they just don’t want to do it. My advice ( it seems to be Nike’s as well) is to Just do it and then after you have done it do it, keep doing it.