1 or 1,000

Posted: November 22, 2011 in Uncategorized
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I attended a concert last weekend the crowd was not one and it was also not 1000. I really couldn’t tell you how many where there. The comment made by the bands lead guitar player was if I play for one or 1000 I don’t care I just love playing. The band was Kings Cross  and the event was a fall festival outdoor concert.  We live in the southeast area of GA so despite being fall and later in the evening about 8 pm the air was cool but not cold (no jacket required). Me and the party attending with me arrived, of course, fashionably late (before 8:30 after 8) and walked right in on one of the bands songs. We entered the field at the end of a long line of yellow hazard do not pass tape and dropped off our small canned food donation at the table, which was dutifully manned by two women who by notification on the sweatshirt where with the fire department auxiliary for the small town. We walked to the front of a flat-bed trailer that was laden down with a full band kit. A lead singer, lead guitar, bass guitar drum kit, and backup singer. Behind the band was a black curtain and in front of the band where lights, controlled by the man behind the curtain. The show was great, the evening a lot of fun and like I mentioned earlier the crowd could have been fatter. Seeing the thin crowd I merely thought about the comment of the lead guitar player 1 or 1000 it doesn’t matter. This attitude worked for him and the band and can work for everyone else as well. To do something we love and do it well despite the outcome will bring so much more joy to your lives, quality to your craft and just help you in leading a robust life. So today no matter how small or meaningless your tasks seem just remember 1 or 1000 it shouldn’t make a difference.




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