Throw some ninjas in there

Posted: November 23, 2011 in Uncategorized
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So I am in a contest. The goal of the contest is to write a novel in a month. The novel has to contain 50,000 words. The contest started on November 1st. I started on November 5th. To accomplish this you must do approximately 1,667 words a day. I am currently averaging 1,159 words per day. Yeah you can do the math. It is looking bleak for me. I am however the eternal optimist and I feel good about my final push here I have some steam built up and I am really digging my story. Despite my optimism a pep talk is always good to get. So on the website that is sponsoring this contest their are (lo and behold) pep talks from published authors. I click on the link for a pep talk from the author Erin Morgenstern. Erin writes mostly fiction, very good fiction, one of her best works is “The Night Circus” and she doesn’t do a shabby  job a writing pep talks either. So towards the end of the talk I read a wonderful line of Erin’s and yes you guessed it she writes “when all else fails throw in some ninjas.”

A former coworker before leaving this wonderful place I work at left me a parting gift and it was a set of cursed ninja figurines.  The ninjas, not the figurines, where an elite fighting force in feaudal Japan. Kind of like guerilla warfare black ops specail forces all rolled into one. When the Japanese leaders needed something done under the radar, efficently and cllean they would call on the ninjas. They where in stark contrast to the regimented Samuari warriors. The Samaurai had a code of honor and many rules and polisies to follow. Sometimes when we are faced with tasks requiring much, like writing a 50, 000 word document in one month, we can get bogged down with the process of the task and the best way to break free sometimes  is to operate like a ninja.  Ninjas get the job done. We still operate within the guidelines just a little unorthodox.




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