Recharge you batteries

Posted: November 28, 2011 in Uncategorized
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In July of this year I embarked on the yearly vacation to northeast Ohio. The journey is a 16 hour trek on some long stretches of open and more often congested highways. After arriving at grandmas house the journey was not over. We all rallied there in Lorain Ohio, added to the caravan fired back up the cars and headed northwest to Sandusky. What is in Sandusky you ask? Why Cedar Point of course. What is Cedar Point? Cedar Point is the roller coaster capital of the world!! This amusement park has the claim to the most and some of the fastest roller coasters in the world. So when visiting this part of the Union one just has to pay this place a visit. The trip is nowhere near the 16 hours, it is about 45 minutes, so this is a good thing. The 45 minute drive is along a stretch of road that weaves in and out of the quintessential small town rural America red barns, cows and corn are spotted all along the way as well as a couple of glimpses of the massive Lake Erie. As you get close to the town of Sandusky and Cedar Point you will see a few highway billboards that are in stark contrast to the rural landscape. The boards reach up to the heavens and the theme of them, at least this year, was (you guessed it) “recharge your batteries”. There is tis picture of an alkaline battery and behind it the cedar point logo. I loved this theme on the  high rising heralds (billboards).

The idea of recharging your batteries is a neat one. When I was a kid I loved remote control anything. Cars, trucks trains planes a friend of mine had a hover craft! It was so cool. The only problem was the battery life. The batteries could get expensive and did not last long and that was when my dad introduced me to the amazing rechargeable battery. I love the idea of a rechargeable battery and the idea! They kept me outside and running for a longer time. The four switch loop designed by Nikola Tesla also called a 4 battery system is the ultimate rechargeable battery and it works!   With Teslas system recharging of batteries took place while the system was using energy. I am convinced that if Tesla was as politically connected as Edison our energy use would be completely different (by different I mean better). Tesla’s 4 battery system can be complicated and “techy” however, it is based on balance and a life lived with balance can really work in the same manner as the Tesla system. Sometimes though even the best of this get this balance in our life’s knocked of kilter and we need to unplug from work plug into fun and get our charge on! So stay level-headed and when you aren’t unplug and recharge.




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