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Another one of me.

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This morning I woke up and even before showering made a pot of coffee. As part of my morning ritual coffee is pretty important. As I began to scoop from the bag of grounds I noticed the Dunkin Donuts brand that gracing the top of the bag and My thoughts drifted to of all things,  an episode of “The Sopranos”.

So for anyone who does not know, Dunkin Donuts is a chain restaurant serving coffee donuts and all types of sandwiches. Dunkin Donuts also sells ground coffee in the bag by the lb. (that’s where I bought the bag I described earlier in this short story made excruciatingly long).

“The Sopranos” is the title to a television show on HBO. The show is about a family entrenched in mob life. So I know you are asking how could a chain of coffee peddling donut stores remind you of a television show about mob life.

Well the episode I am thinking about while fixating on the Dunkin Donuts emblem (I am usually not what you call totally coherent in the early morning), is one in which some of the man characters, a couple of wise guys in the mob come in to a newly opened coffee shop to engage in their usual racketeering for their “turf”. The two guys ask the store employee for “insurance”, she goes an gets her manager. The manager who understands what the men are after informs the two that he cannot pay because of the accountability built into the franchised system that is the coffee shop they are visiting and he goes on to explain that “if you just  get rid of me as a manager they will bring another one of me in a minute and he will tell you the same thing.” The wise guys go away empty-handed the audience of the tv show get a chuckle and future John has something to think about while waiting for his coffee to brew.

What struck me as kind of sad and maybe I am reading too much into this is that the manager in the tv program thought of himself as a manager who could be replaced in a minute. Now don’t get me wrong franchise and chain stores can be great I mean Dunkin Donuts makes a heck of a coffee however in branding and marketing sometimes you can get caught up and just identify to much with the brand and lose your sense of self. Always important to remember that you and me and he and she are individuals and important ones at that.






I figured sense the post was kind of about cofee why not show a baf and cup pf the magic elixir. I snagged this image from here


Noah Webster was a publist who created an English dictionary, in 1806 which helped draw together a new country. When Noah Webster dropped his “Tome” on the American populist (I know Tome really? Na I guess it isn’t a tome more of a medium reference book) Despite the size of the book the importance should not be weighed by its size (did you get the joke?).

When Noah Webster wrote the book the nation was at odds with each other. Their was an “untamed west”, duels on the White house lawn and to top it off there was a problem understanding each other. communication is very important in almost all group dynamics. Wether it is a newly formed country or a marriage of 25 years good communication skills is a must for success.

With Noah’s dictionary Americans throughout the country could now basically agree on one thing.  What words mean and how to spell them. I love what Noah did to because as with any good communication he listened and learned how the words were used. It can be easy to engage in a conversation and merely wait for our chance to speak and tell someone they are wrong however right and wrong is a tough sell. 

It would behoove us to take a page when communicating from Noah and listen look and learn before speaking, and maybe we can come together. (see how I incorporated the other title? I know lame right? Oh well)  




 found this cool image of Noah himself here  (this was one of the few where he didn’t look like he had just finished eating a lemon, not sure what was up with all the frowny face? but there you go)

Ok some background is required here. I grew up in a house with my mom and my dad and three sisters. That was it. So you do the math and you will see that dad and I were out numbered right? Well being that the case I was exposed to more “girl talk” then probably the average American male and in case you didn’t notice todays post is a patented “girl talk” statement.

If I had a nickel for every time I heard that statement from a woman I would have, you know way more than one nickel. The statement is usually uttered while a woman is either walking you through her house or when she is commenting on another womans house. I am not in disagreement with the statement either. I am simply unconcerned with the state of a house most of the time. I am positive that this apathetic attitude towards the state of a families housekeeping is patently a male trait.    As stated before despite my apathy I completely agree with and understand the statement when applied to a house and when applied to ones life. Oh yeah I did get deep on a Friday.

Our life can get messy and complicated but it doesn’t have to be dirty. I try to keep this in mind when dealing with people a specially. I like to remember that as “messy” as my own life is others are basically just as messy if not more and when you treat someone poorly well then you are not so much messy as you are dirty, and a messy house is just messy but a dirty house well that can become a hazard to one’s health.

Once again I am a male and I am sure that I have a gene or something missing that keeps me from keeping a clean or clutter free house so I am so referring to one’s life instead of a home however I am working on the house and the results have been mixed so far.

Found this image of a favorite Childhood book of mine while reading an interesting post from another blogger which you can read here—>




So take a quick and long journey with me (I know there is no such thing as quick and long and seeing the word journey makes you want to belt out the lyrics to “Don’t Stop Believing” (Great Song!)). Let’s travel back in time to oh say 1843 ok you there? Now women imagine you are pregnant and men imagine you are women and then imagine pregnant. Trippy huh? especially for the men. Let’s see to put you in an 1843 mind set. The President of the United States was John Tyler and he was part of the, now gone Whig political party, there wasn’t a vice president. On March 21 there was a minister by name of William Miller who predicted it would be the end of the world… Sound Familiar? The country is just heading west to settle the unknown and stake claims (that sounds exciting huh?).  Women where to wear nothing more than gowns and men sported the frock the high collar and judging by photos the bow tie (things that will make you say hmm). So are you there? 1843 you are a woman and pregnant, you go to the hospital to deliver your baby and find out the baby is delivered and has fever.  Your husband is furious and you are afraid. The fear is for yourself as well as your baby. see one thing about the fever your baby has is that it is according to the majority of the medical community “caused by god”.

If this is a punishment from god than many of the American women are sinning because there is an outbreak at the hospital. So what happens? Is there a revival and the country turns around well no. The doctors are taught by a colleague that goes by the name Oliver Wendell Holmes that they are the reason for the spread of the fever. You see Soap has been used to treat skin diseases since the time of Babylon and to clean the seen dirt however hand washing, especially in the delivery rooms of the hospital was unheard of. Now despite being right Oliver had an up hill battle but his push up the mountain was not like  the greek god Sisyphus. Oliver gained some support from a few colleagues and then came soap. Soap in the delivery room, ER the entire hospital the home and eating establishments.

Sometimes we can feel hopeless and lost. However if we don’t give up and look for the truth soap will come and the babies will be born healthy again




I snagged this photo of a bar of soap from the movie fight club from a blog The movie is a great guy movie and part of the movie is about the two main characters making soap so there you go

Well how you said it.

Now I know I promised to not speak of sports on this blog and I will not however let me say this when I was a middle school student I was, like almost every other blue blooded American boy, an avid fan of the ESPN staple sports center. I remember describing it to my dad as “cnn news for the sporting world.” (yes I may have been somewhat of a dork in middle school. So I can hear you asking it and I promise I am getting to a spot where this will all make sense and tie neatly together (notice I didn’t use the word point, because points are pointless).

While watching the CNN news of the sports world one morning as a middle schooler I ran across a story about an athlete who was cheating at baseball and while he did not technically break the letter of the law the board overseeing the sport of Americas past time punished him because he violated the spirit of the law. Ever since that morning I have become interested by this term “the spirit of the law”.  Now there is a book called “The spirit of the Laws”  published by Charles de Secondat, Baron de Montesquieu in 1748 with the help of Claudine Guérin de Tencin.

Keep in mind that during the time France was experiencing nationwide an enlightenment realizing man could function basically with or without government intervention and I believe that this was truly the beginning of a democratic France. Now I know that the French revolution did not start until 1848 however I can’t help but think the seeds for said revolution started with the thoughts planted by thinkers like Charles de Secondat, Baron de Montesquieu,  Claudine Guérin de Tencin Voltaire and others I will not mention because, we don’t have all day. The bottom line is that any governing body should always be set up to serve the public that it represents. When a body of government moves from service to subjugation  there will be problems. The same can be said for all relationships. When you are trying to determine who the winner and looser of a relationship is everyone looses. The spirit of the law should not be to harm or hurt it should be to protect and help and so should our actions and spirit towards each other

this art is from here 



Yesterday was Sunday and  I found myself as I  almost always do on a  Sunday morning ( I said almost some Sunday mornings it’s hard to get out of bed)  in church. It was during the Sunday school portion of my weekly visit to church that I heard the statement which became today’s post title. Now I am not sure if you are a follower of, the most awesome blog on the internets yet, of course that;s this blog and if you re not you should become one go ahead just click on the link that says follow me (you know you want to). Any way if you are a follower I am not sure when you became one so you may have missed this gem of a story where I interviewed an amazing person with the moniker of Judson Maxwell. So if you didn’t read the write-up on Jud you should he is an amazing person!

Despite how amazing he is tragedy fell on him and his family. Just a short while ago Jud lost his wife to an 18 month-long battle with cancer.  Jud decided to keep a blog about his wifes ordeal when you get the chance grab a box of tissues and give him and her blog a read. Jud was describing during Sunday school his interaction with a coworker concerning his mental and spiritual state. “How you doing Jud?” was the question he was responding to. Jud answered back ” I am going to choose Joy.” The receiver of Juds response was taken back and let Jud know that he had spoken to him to offer an ear to listen and shoulder to cry on and some support and found from him support. Jud told the man and the Sunday school class that he would honor his wifes memory by choosing joy.

Thinking about Juds statement made me reflect on myself for a little bit. In my life there are many things that are really out of my control. Jud would have not in a million years choose for his wife to die before him. If you read the blog you can see they really fought this cancer together. We are going to experience some dark and some happy times that we can set ourselves up for more happy than dark however even with the best preparation accidents can and will happen. We cannot control fate but what we can control is how we react to what fate deals us and choosing joy just seems much more positive and better than any other attitude one can have.

thanks Jud

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