Who was Noah Webster? Or come together

Posted: January 30, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Noah Webster was a publist who created an English dictionary, in 1806 which helped draw together a new country. When Noah Webster dropped his “Tome” on the American populist (I know Tome really? Na I guess it isn’t a tome more of a medium reference book) Despite the size of the book the importance should not be weighed by its size (did you get the joke?).

When Noah Webster wrote the book the nation was at odds with each other. Their was an “untamed west”, duels on the White house lawn and to top it off there was a problem understanding each other. communication is very important in almost all group dynamics. Wether it is a newly formed country or a marriage of 25 years good communication skills is a must for success.

With Noah’s dictionary Americans throughout the country could now basically agree on one thing.  What words mean and how to spell them. I love what Noah did to because as with any good communication he listened and learned how the words were used. It can be easy to engage in a conversation and merely wait for our chance to speak and tell someone they are wrong however right and wrong is a tough sell. 

It would behoove us to take a page when communicating from Noah and listen look and learn before speaking, and maybe we can come together. (see how I incorporated the other title? I know lame right? Oh well)  




 found this cool image of Noah himself here http://news.yale.edu/2008/10/02/noah-webster-f-ted-250th-birthday  (this was one of the few where he didn’t look like he had just finished eating a lemon, not sure what was up with all the frowny face? but there you go)


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