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Posted: January 31, 2012 in Uncategorized

This morning I woke up and even before showering made a pot of coffee. As part of my morning ritual coffee is pretty important. As I began to scoop from the bag of grounds I noticed the Dunkin Donuts brand that gracing the top of the bag and My thoughts drifted to of all things,  an episode of “The Sopranos”.

So for anyone who does not know, Dunkin Donuts is a chain restaurant serving coffee donuts and all types of sandwiches. Dunkin Donuts also sells ground coffee in the bag by the lb. (that’s where I bought the bag I described earlier in this short story made excruciatingly long).

“The Sopranos” is the title to a television show on HBO. The show is about a family entrenched in mob life. So I know you are asking how could a chain of coffee peddling donut stores remind you of a television show about mob life.

Well the episode I am thinking about while fixating on the Dunkin Donuts emblem (I am usually not what you call totally coherent in the early morning), is one in which some of the man characters, a couple of wise guys in the mob come in to a newly opened coffee shop to engage in their usual racketeering for their “turf”. The two guys ask the store employee for “insurance”, she goes an gets her manager. The manager who understands what the men are after informs the two that he cannot pay because of the accountability built into the franchised system that is the coffee shop they are visiting and he goes on to explain that “if you just  get rid of me as a manager they will bring another one of me in a minute and he will tell you the same thing.” The wise guys go away empty-handed the audience of the tv show get a chuckle and future John has something to think about while waiting for his coffee to brew.

What struck me as kind of sad and maybe I am reading too much into this is that the manager in the tv program thought of himself as a manager who could be replaced in a minute. Now don’t get me wrong franchise and chain stores can be great I mean Dunkin Donuts makes a heck of a coffee however in branding and marketing sometimes you can get caught up and just identify to much with the brand and lose your sense of self. Always important to remember that you and me and he and she are individuals and important ones at that.






I figured sense the post was kind of about cofee why not show a baf and cup pf the magic elixir. I snagged this image from here

  1. shanna says:

    You is kind. You is smart. You is important.

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