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There is a point as we grow up where we graduate from the back seat of our parents car to the front seat. When we reach said point it can feel as though our world gets larger because we can see in front and on the side.

Todays post is a quote from a short rider in my car. He was seating in the front seat and wanted to let me know that he was fully aware now of his surroundings. The quote, despite coming from a youth, was actually quite profound.  I began to wonder if I was fully aware of my surroundings. Was there something coming up on the horizon that I couldn’t see some pitfall I should be avoiding.

All of us adult non youths have the ability to see “in front and on the sides” of us, we can even look behind us however sometimes we feel as though something “comes out of no where” and  blind sides  us. Is this lack of self-awareness, poor life planning or just plan fate? I think the answer is it can be a little bit of all. Being self-aware will allow us to see most of our lives events past, present and future. For the unforseen events we can using the seen develop a plan (I know it is called life insurance right?) and for what fate hands us we can experience and live a little

Here is a picture of the star of a show that is now canceled. Teh show was named life and it was a great one! definitely a rainy day netflix thing .





Jan Beraenstain co author of the Berenstain Bears Children’s book series, died Friday at the age of 88 after suffering a stroke on Thursday. Jan Wrote some of the best children stories ever with her husband Stan who passed away at the age of 88 in 2005. Both of the writers were residents of Solebury Pennsylvania.

My fondest childhood memories have the Berenstain Bears books and characters playing major roles in them. I remember my mom discovering the book series after my sister Bernadette brought home from the library a book from the series. despite its creation happening in 1962 it seems our family did not discover the Bear family until the 80’s nonetheless the discovery was made and so were some wonderful childhood memories of being read to and reading about these bears who lived in a split level tree house and wore clothes (although many of the other woodland creatures went naked).

The reasons for the success of the book will be debated by many “pundit” despite the debate of the reasons the success is undebatable. The Berenstaind Bears have over 300  published titles in over 23 different languages.  No debate there these books are wildly popular!  For those who are unfamiliar with this book series it is definitely worth a look. The Bear family tackles together as a nuclear family many tough issues that families deal with in their day-to-day existence. Besides my sister Bernadette when I read or think about the bear books I am reminded that despite a family being on the razor blade edge. If there is just some love and respect for each other there can be happiness for all.

so thanks Jan and Stan



I am in the car, traveling down a country road, with one of the best people in the world. We are on a mission while traveling through small town America. We have to find a shoe store and almost like an oasis, a billboard appears from the quintessential middle American landscape. I write almost merely because we are moving along at a rather quick clip and the appearance is more of a flash than an appearance.  It is a quick appearance like an A – lister movie star in a B movie, but I read it and lo and behold like the nod of the genies head, you know which genie I am referring to right? The one found by Captain Tony Nelson, in the wildly popular  television show I dream of Jeannie.  Well like the magic from the nod of the Genies head The signs appears or flashes and it reads “Barking Dogs footwear”. The advertisement is for a shoe store. The words barking dogs are an obvious play on words from the old, maybe clichéd english idiom “my dogs are barking”.  Me and one of the best people in the world get to talking about said idiom and contemplate its creation and use in our culture. She points out that feet are usually only called dogs when they are sore or tired and we end the conversation thread with more questions than answers.

Being the crazy person that I am I seek the answers to this idioms etymology. Who was the mastermind that put together these odd words to describe a phenomena that befalls on many the weary traveller?  The phrase has been used in many settings and by many people. I would challenge you to find any man or women (raised in north america) over the age of 24 that doesn’t know of this idiom. 

Well from some limited research, also called  the Oxford English Dictionary,it seems the origin of the idiom comes from Rhyming slang.  

Also from some research I have found that the owners of “The Barking Dog” are not the only ones to use the clever idiom to create a clever name for a business.

The Hush Puppies name and mascot were coined by the brand’s first sales manager, James Gaylord Muir. Initially, the company’s advertising agency recommended naming the product “Lasers.” Then, on a selling trip to the southeast, Mr. Muir dined with one of his regional salesmen and the meal included hush puppies, traditional fried southern cornballs. When Mr. Muir asked about the origin of the name, he was told that farmers threw hush puppies at the hounds to “quiet their barking dogs.”
Mr. Muir saw a connection to his new product. “Barking dogs” in the vernacular of the day was an idiom for sore feet. Mr. Muir surmised his new shoes were so comfortable that they could “quiet barking dogs.”

Stories like that always do two things to me. First they make me smile and second they help me realize that successful business owners or really successful people understand how complex systems like oh the english language or the consumers mind work. Not only do these successful people understand how they work they understand their place in these systems and find a way to carve out this place and make an impact. Wether it be a clever name, a different high quality product or service, or just a wonderful experience successful business owners make it happen and that’s something kind of like magic right?




On my way home from work yesterday, while I was wondering why everyone, despite all the driving classes and rules and policies here in the United States of America, was cruising in the left and right lane, ( I mean really? You pass in the left and cruise in the right. That is how we are supposed to drive that is the rule that is what no one does and cause many unneeded traffic jams road rage and accidents.) I was also listening to the radio. On the radio there was a pop song playing, perhaps you ave heard it. The song playing was titled ” Hey There Deliah” and the band performing it was The Plain White T’s. The song (in case you haven’t heard it or couldn’t tell from the title) is a love song sang from a boy to a woman named Deliah offering her reassurance while they are both involved with each other in a long distance relationships (some of the toughest ones to deal with). 

The lyrics to the song are really quite beautiful. I think the song was played far too much when it was first released on the radio and the beauty of the words lost their potency. One line that really struck a chord with me yesterday afternoon while driving home and trying my best to stave of a road rage fit went like this:

“I know times are getting hard
But just believe me, girl
Someday I’ll pay the bills with this guitar
We’ll have it good
We’ll have the life we knew we would
My word is good”.

The song is ripe with good lyrics like this. When you get the chance you should check them out.  This part of the song really hit deep with me.

Relationships rely on trust and respect and most of all love. We have to believe in ourselves as well as the one we love in and that is what the singer is asking of the woman he is singing too. He let’s her know that he understands her pain, and has a plan to help. His plan is for sure to be written off as a pipe dream and scoffed at by everyone except for the one who he is loved by. See didn’t I tell you that it was a beautiful song? I think one of the best things to have in life is someone you can tell your pipe dreams to and know that she or he will believe you. There is a moment when you look into someones eyes and you know she could tell you or you could tell her anything and there would be a shred of believe that is something special and those lucky enough to have it can survive a long distance relationship, if they remember what they have.

I hope everyone has this at sometime in their life. That’s my Friday wish. What is yours?



“You can do a lot in a day”

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So the quote is from a movie and you guessed it the movie is the “In Time ”  movie. The movie was ok not great not bad either. I think I am most interested in the movies premise. For those who do not frequent my blog, have not seen the movie and have yet to click on the hyper link and read about the movie.  In Time is a movie which takes place in the future and the currency in the future is time. Once someone runs out of time they die. 

The quote which is the title for this post comes from the movies protagonist. His love interest asks him how much time they have they both look down at their wrists (that is where they have their clocks) and he says “a day you can do a lot in a day” now that I am writing this I am really not sure if she says it or he says it, however who says it doesn’t matter. What matters is that it is true and profound and I can’t help but think if we wake up with this attitude we will experience life in a manner that can really make a difference in lives. So what are you going to do today?





ps for those who regularly read my blog my car was fixed yesterday and the mechanic made me a few dollars lighter but hey “it’s only money right” (hmm tomorrows post title (maybe))

Last night I was watching a play at the local playhouse. The plays story was one that has been told and retold. Happily married man finds himself tempted by a rich and powerful seductress. The happily married protaganotist resists the temptress advances. While she is tempting the man she employs all the tactics she can think of to include what a friend of mine calla mental gymnastics or what the protagnists calls “twisting his words”. When I was younger my mom would warn me that if I thought long enough about doing something wrong I would “justify it”.
Hearing the actor ask the antagonist to not twist his words made me think of both my mom and dad. My moms words you know it was my dad who would say ” we know right from wrong.” Dad and mom where both right we do know right from wrong and if we are not careful we can allow both ourselves or others fo twist our words until “up is down.”  So be careful today and tomorrow that we don’ t get it twisted


Ps the lack of a picture for todays post is due to the fact that I am sitting in the mechanics waiting room while he makes it possible for me to be mobile… yep car broke dow its all good though the young lady behind the counter is shuffling my paperwork to the top of her stack and I can hear that ubiqutios noise (keyboard typing)

The Value of a dollar

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This weekend I watched the futuristic thriller “In Time“. The movie was an exciting tale set in the future and the currency of the future was time. Time was traded for food water all basic needs and of course time itself. When your “clock ran out” you would die.

The movie got me to thinking of course about the value of a dollar. At a younger age it is tempting to tie an intrinsic value to a dollar but as we mature we are constantly reminded that the value of a dollar is not intrinsic as much as it is representative.

Money should be a tool to reach a balance and maintain a proper resource management for our lives.  Each person learns this lesson in different ways and at different “stations” in life however as soon as we realize why we earn money and how to manage our resources we will discover a freedom and power that is hard to describe.

There are 100’s of books seminars and all types of media that attempt to demonstrate this type of understanding for the masses. A big part of understanding the value of the dollar is understanding what exactly you are working for. So what are you working for today?