Doers do and speakers speak

Posted: February 7, 2012 in Uncategorized
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The word doer is in the dictionary it’s just not used much. That is a lesson to me. I had assumed the word doer wasn’t in the dictionary because I hadn’t heard many people use it but it is in the dictionary. Let’s see the word doer is defined as:

a person or thing that does something, especially a person who gets things done with vigor and efficiency.

a person characterized by action, as distinguished from one given to contemplation.
Deep huh?
Todays post has everything to do with the second definition. With the presidential election soon upon us and hearing and seeing the campaigning on almost every news channel here I find myself thinking about this posts title quite often. politicians are not doers. They are speakers. My dad said the problem with politicians and the political system was that the people who did all the work or the doers where busy working while the politicians get all the credit. this quote was made in 1988 and it seems despite the magic of time this paradigm has not changed. I know this can seem troublesome that all the hard work doers do goes unnoticed but let me remind you of this without cooks, farmers, trashmen, steel workers, carpenters bakers, basically all the true workers the world would come to a screeching halt. Without politicians we may accomplish world peace, find clean renewable energy and get rid of infectious diseases.
Scientist, musicians, artists, hard-working creators doers change the world. politicians only take credit for these men and women’s action and then destroy it through litigation and implementation of policies and procedures. So to all the doers of the world take heart in knowing it is because of your actions that the world keeps spinning. I think Barry Manilow Frank Sinatra  sang it best and Bruce Johnston wrote it best with …. “I write the songs that make the whole world sing.”
So keep on doing doers
When I think of workers I always think of this iconic photgraph which I snagged from here: http:\\

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