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Posted: February 8, 2012 in Uncategorized
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In June 1971 the last issue of “The Whole Earth Catalog” was published.  The print first edition will go at auction for around 80 90 dollars. The late Steve Jobs made the issue famous at his Stanford speech by quoting the back page of the article when he said “stay hungry stay foolish”.   The front cover of every catalog had what I guess could be summed up as the whole reason for the catalog stamped across the front under the title and it was “Access to Tools and Ideas.”

When I think about tools I think about my dad and a soldering blow torch. One Saturday afternoon when I had finished beating the family dog at one on one basketball for like the fifteenth time. My dad could sense that  I was reaching my threshold and that boredom was setting in. So dad walked out of the garage with a 10 gallon bucket copper pipe, solder and a soldering torch. After a 10 minute lesson I was armed with the same instruments and fitting pipe. For a bored 11 year old this moment will live on forever. Using those tools and putting together those pipes helped open up a world of possibilities for me. I am now working on (super dork alert) putting together a circuit board kit bought from radio shack. I say working on it truth is I have purchased and read the schematics for it but no soldering is done yet ( I need to put in a requisition for more hours in the day). But this project is one of many that I have worked on and will work on and when I am finished I will feel a sense of accomplishment maybe be a little smarter too. I am thinking about my 13 year old son and I have seen him work on all types of small projects that seem meaningless but really aren’t.

My hope is that everyone continues to tinker and work with some tools that they find interesting and fun (when they have time to, I am so working on the longer day thing). If we stop tinkering and working on our hobbies what will become of us? I am not sure, but it can be safely assumed that this would not be a good thing.

So today if you have tools and ideas go ahead and tinker if not get them there is no more whole earth catalog but there is a magazine called “Popular mechanics” and of course you are more than likely reading this post on a thing called the internet, there’s that too (turns out the internet was a little more than a fad).

What will we do today with the tools and our ideas oh yeah my girl friend will kill me if I didn’t mention a bastion of tools and ideas on the internet which goes by the name  pinterest. You can check it out here

So check it out! This cool photo was cover of the catalog and I found it here  http:\\


peace john3c


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