So what are you reading? I am reading two biographies right now and I have a shelf full of other books I plan on tackling after these two dragons are slayed. One book is titled “Steve Jobs” and the other “My Booky Wook 2”. The subject of the first book is obvious and the second book not so obvious is a book about British comedian Russell Brand and written by said comedian.

While reading the first book I came across a part in the book where the mercurial and wildly successful entrepeneur Steve Jobs meet for the first time with Mike Markkula. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak where both young partners in an unknown Hobby business called Apple and needed capital to propel their business forward. Mike had this money but would not invest unless the Steve’s came up with a business plan. Together Jobs and Markkula inked out a business plan. Jobs said that Markkula among many things taught him that, a great company does not seek to become rich they seek to bring to their customers great products and experiences.

I can’t help but ( and this may only be happening because I am reading both books in tandem) see the similarities in Brand and Jobs. Both are sales men one computers the other himself as a comedian and both have same views on success and the monetary gains being a by-product of the experience. Russell Brand in his first book and yes you guessed the title correctly,  “My Booky Wook”, mentions how much he loved performing and how great the money is but he maintains that his first love is performing.

It can become easy in our carrers and life to make everything about the bottom line but often when this is done I feel we shortchange ourselves our colleagues family, friends and even the universe. Remember a great company or person does great things simply because they are great not for the paycheck

Here is a great cover from forbes magazine featuring Steve Jobs in front of the apple logo




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