Appropriately agonizing or Belly aching

Posted: February 15, 2012 in Uncategorized
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“Quit your belly aching and get on the bus.” Those words are spoken every morning by parents nationwide. Thousands of children hoping to opt out of school time thinking they could put the brakes on their school experience. Parents know this is simply the belly aching part of their plan to evade school and their is where the quote comes from.

How do we know, when we are speaking with adults, the difference between belly aching or appropriate agonizing. It is important to be empathetic and lend a sympathetic ear? If we do not learn the differences we can often find ourselves being called on at all times to hear all the details of, the most recent break up, demotion at work, a plethora of disasters.  However if we do not listen we could become an indifferent friend who does not help a friend spiraling towards an emotional break down.

I was watching a documentary about tattoos and heard the man running the tatto parlor say something that was quite profound. “everyone’s tattoo is significant to them, whether it is a Tasmanian devil or the recipients children’s names.” When someone speaks with us about their issues these are also significant to them.

When I was younger I felt some pressures from relationships and work and sought solace in an older friend of mine and he informed me that most of the time what seems significant now to me will not at a later date. Basically this was the adult equivalent of stop bellyaching. He was absolutely right and I am forever grateful for his help. His example has been my inspirational for sorting through friends issues and providing the support needed.

What is yours?


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