The Value of a dollar

Posted: February 21, 2012 in Uncategorized

This weekend I watched the futuristic thriller “In Time“. The movie was an exciting tale set in the future and the currency of the future was time. Time was traded for food water all basic needs and of course time itself. When your “clock ran out” you would die.

The movie got me to thinking of course about the value of a dollar. At a younger age it is tempting to tie an intrinsic value to a dollar but as we mature we are constantly reminded that the value of a dollar is not intrinsic as much as it is representative.

Money should be a tool to reach a balance and maintain a proper resource management for our lives.  Each person learns this lesson in different ways and at different “stations” in life however as soon as we realize why we earn money and how to manage our resources we will discover a freedom and power that is hard to describe.

There are 100’s of books seminars and all types of media that attempt to demonstrate this type of understanding for the masses. A big part of understanding the value of the dollar is understanding what exactly you are working for. So what are you working for today?





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