Twisted words

Posted: February 22, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Last night I was watching a play at the local playhouse. The plays story was one that has been told and retold. Happily married man finds himself tempted by a rich and powerful seductress. The happily married protaganotist resists the temptress advances. While she is tempting the man she employs all the tactics she can think of to include what a friend of mine calla mental gymnastics or what the protagnists calls “twisting his words”. When I was younger my mom would warn me that if I thought long enough about doing something wrong I would “justify it”.
Hearing the actor ask the antagonist to not twist his words made me think of both my mom and dad. My moms words you know it was my dad who would say ” we know right from wrong.” Dad and mom where both right we do know right from wrong and if we are not careful we can allow both ourselves or others fo twist our words until “up is down.”  So be careful today and tomorrow that we don’ t get it twisted


Ps the lack of a picture for todays post is due to the fact that I am sitting in the mechanics waiting room while he makes it possible for me to be mobile… yep car broke dow its all good though the young lady behind the counter is shuffling my paperwork to the top of her stack and I can hear that ubiqutios noise (keyboard typing)


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