“You can do a lot in a day”

Posted: February 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

So the quote is from a movie and you guessed it the movie is the “In Time ”  movie. The movie was ok not great not bad either. I think I am most interested in the movies premise. For those who do not frequent my blog, have not seen the movie and have yet to click on the hyper link and read about the movie.  In Time is a movie which takes place in the future and the currency in the future is time. Once someone runs out of time they die. 

The quote which is the title for this post comes from the movies protagonist. His love interest asks him how much time they have they both look down at their wrists (that is where they have their clocks) and he says “a day you can do a lot in a day” now that I am writing this I am really not sure if she says it or he says it, however who says it doesn’t matter. What matters is that it is true and profound and I can’t help but think if we wake up with this attitude we will experience life in a manner that can really make a difference in lives. So what are you going to do today?





ps for those who regularly read my blog my car was fixed yesterday and the mechanic made me a few dollars lighter but hey “it’s only money right” (hmm tomorrows post title (maybe))


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