On my way home from work yesterday, while I was wondering why everyone, despite all the driving classes and rules and policies here in the United States of America, was cruising in the left and right lane, ( I mean really? You pass in the left and cruise in the right. That is how we are supposed to drive that is the rule that is what no one does and cause many unneeded traffic jams road rage and accidents.) I was also listening to the radio. On the radio there was a pop song playing, perhaps you ave heard it. The song playing was titled ” Hey There Deliah” and the band performing it was The Plain White T’s. The song (in case you haven’t heard it or couldn’t tell from the title) is a love song sang from a boy to a woman named Deliah offering her reassurance while they are both involved with each other in a long distance relationships (some of the toughest ones to deal with). 

The lyrics to the song are really quite beautiful. I think the song was played far too much when it was first released on the radio and the beauty of the words lost their potency. One line that really struck a chord with me yesterday afternoon while driving home and trying my best to stave of a road rage fit went like this:

“I know times are getting hard
But just believe me, girl
Someday I’ll pay the bills with this guitar
We’ll have it good
We’ll have the life we knew we would
My word is good”.

The song is ripe with good lyrics like this. When you get the chance you should check them out.  This part of the song really hit deep with me.

Relationships rely on trust and respect and most of all love. We have to believe in ourselves as well as the one we love in and that is what the singer is asking of the woman he is singing too. He let’s her know that he understands her pain, and has a plan to help. His plan is for sure to be written off as a pipe dream and scoffed at by everyone except for the one who he is loved by. See didn’t I tell you that it was a beautiful song? I think one of the best things to have in life is someone you can tell your pipe dreams to and know that she or he will believe you. There is a moment when you look into someones eyes and you know she could tell you or you could tell her anything and there would be a shred of believe that is something special and those lucky enough to have it can survive a long distance relationship, if they remember what they have.

I hope everyone has this at sometime in their life. That’s my Friday wish. What is yours?




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