“I can see in front and on the side”

Posted: February 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

There is a point as we grow up where we graduate from the back seat of our parents car to the front seat. When we reach said point it can feel as though our world gets larger because we can see in front and on the side.

Todays post is a quote from a short rider in my car. He was seating in the front seat and wanted to let me know that he was fully aware now of his surroundings. The quote, despite coming from a youth, was actually quite profound.  I began to wonder if I was fully aware of my surroundings. Was there something coming up on the horizon that I couldn’t see some pitfall I should be avoiding.

All of us adult non youths have the ability to see “in front and on the sides” of us, we can even look behind us however sometimes we feel as though something “comes out of no where” and  blind sides  us. Is this lack of self-awareness, poor life planning or just plan fate? I think the answer is it can be a little bit of all. Being self-aware will allow us to see most of our lives events past, present and future. For the unforseen events we can using the seen develop a plan (I know it is called life insurance right?) and for what fate hands us we can experience and live a little

Here is a picture of the star of a show that is now canceled. Teh show was named life and it was a great one! definitely a rainy day netflix thing .





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