Thank you Ocam

Posted: March 7, 2012 in Uncategorized
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William Ocam (c. 1285–1349) philosopher, writer, logician and creator of  the maxim known as Ocams Razor.  What is Ocam’s Razor? 

Ocam’s Razor is a maxim which states “other things being equal, a simpler explanation is better than a more complex one.” This maxim has been and is still being used in all types of scenarios today to include; science, philosophy, religion and law.

Another great man in history responsible for pretty much the discovery of the laws of physics Sir Issac Newton felt the same as Willam Ocam.

“Truth is ever to be found in simplicity, and not in the multiplicity and confusion of things”  – – Issac Newton

It can be easy to fill our lives with  confusion and things that shouldn’t matter. When I find myself in said situation I draw on Ocam’s razor and look through my confusion towards the most simplest explanation.

What do you do?





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