“Great Artists steal”

Posted: March 26, 2012 in Uncategorized
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So this quote… I am not sure who first made it. I have, heard and read,  many different claims for it but, most recently, the most famous person to make this quote was Steve Jobs. Steve was the co-founder of one of the most successful tech companies ever Apple computers. Apple computer scientist and researchers in the early years of the tech companies founding visited a research facility for the Xerox company. During their visit the team of  researchers, (I so wanted to use the term nerd or eggheads there) were shown the graphic user interface for a computer as well as a mouse pointing device and many other amazing ideas. A graphic user interface is basically a computer desktop.

The scientist went back to Apple, armed with new ideas and concepts, and created the Macintosh  computer. The Macintosh  computer changed the world.  The scientist at Xerox came out with a computer at the same time as the Macintosh computer. The Xerox computer was more expensive and cumbersome it was developed for business use and was a complete flop. The Macintosh did not flop it flourished.

“Great Artist steal.”  I was recently told that ” there are idea men and there are men who put ideas into practice.” This is a statement I have to maybe disagree with or in a pleasant twist I will steal this statement and change it.  Ok so here it goes: “there are men who have ideas and there are men who have ideas and execute those ideas.” An idea is not a pc. An idea is a seed and without the water soil sun the seed will rot away. I am sure you heard all the analogies and stories concerning the seeds and the sowers and reapers so let me  end this here with this new quote.

“Great artists steal and that’s cool.”








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