More important than your name?

Posted: March 27, 2012 in Uncategorized
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So I am not sure how long you have been reading my posts here on the internet but I made a promise, some time ago, to not use any sports analogies. I am not going to break that promise, however anyone who knows me will tell you I am a huge sports fan so I will not use a sports analogy but I will let you know what happened the other day while I was watching a college football game.

Enter my living room I believe it was two years ago. It was Saturday afternoon I had a bag of chips bowl full of dip and my little dog was quietly sitting at the foot of my coach enjoying the breeze from a box fan, college football was on tv, it was the perfect afternoon. I started watching the game and immediately noticed that one teams jersey had nothing where a player’s name would be and the other had something that wasn’t a name.

The lack of a name on college jerseys is not exclusive, many schools do that however replacing a name with something else was and is unique.  The names on the jerseys for The Maritime college in Brooklyn New York had been replaced with values the coach felt the team should learn and extol. The values were, from what I can remember, integrity, honesty, loyalty and duty.

This story is brought to my memory because of a rumor I heard on a radio show. The rumor says  that the NFL is considering renting out space on players jerseys to business. Basically making a player a walking billboard.  This got me to thinking about the Jersey and what was on them which made me think about coach Clayton Kendrick-Holmes and what he did to his players jerseys. If I had to choose between seeing players names and commercials for shoes on a jersey, or a virtue. I think I would choose the virtue.

I mean what is more important.. who you are or how you live? 





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