the gift of giving

Posted: March 28, 2012 in Uncategorized
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I know this post title is nothing new. It really isn’t we all know “it is better to give than receive”, but really is it always better to give than receive. I mean think back to the best gift you ever received. Ok so are you there? You are 16 and standing in the drive way looking at a brand new Mustang right? Maybe not but there are moments and gifts were you wer given something special and life changing and as in a mother or fathers case there are moments were you are given the gift and awesome responsibility of a life. 

Now that we have done that let’s think back to the most rewarding experience you have had giving something away. Someone at work mentioned a party where his wife gave the party guest of honor a family bible. Upon opening  the gift the guest of honor broke into tears (happy tears) this was probably one of the most rewarding gift giving events she had experienced that year.

So now that you have both  moments drawn to your conscious thought. Let’s revisit the old axiom “is it better to give than receive?” Tough call huh. My dad would tell me that if I am not enjoying giving more than receiving I need to give more and I would immediately laugh him off. Despite my laughs the guy was right.

Giving is one of those things that gets easier and becomes more fulfilling with repetition and with repetition giving, makes a notable difference. Want to see an end to poverty, violence and pestilence in your city-state country? Start giving.

I recently ran across an article accompanied by an interesting graphic, which showed both in word and picture the disparities in giving based on the income classes and it seems that the lowest class gives away the largest portion of their income. I want to believe that this amount is due in part,  to  the fact that the poor see the immediate effect of their giving in the community they live in and in turn experience the gift of giving more quickly that the rich. Poor or rich there is nothing wrong with giving and if it doesn’t feel better than receiving maybe we aren’t doing enough?? so give, not until it hurts, but at least till it feels good.  





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