Left foot right foot??

Posted: March 29, 2012 in Uncategorized
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So this morning I was putting on some new shoes. I really like these shoes they are blue and black and just look great! OK so take the shoes out the box, lace them up, and start to put them on my feet. As I begin to put the shoes on my feet I am faced with the unanswerable question… Which foot gets the shoe first. Besides the much appropriate worry about OCD another thought enters the mind. I have heard it said “do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing”.  Now before you mention it, I know that this is a part of a scripture in the bible that references giving and the danger of boosting about your charity. I hope no one felt that I was doing that in yesterday’s post. I really feel that I do not give enough, but this morning I thought about my left and right foot (and no I am not going to get checked out for any mental illness I happen to like my meandering thoughts in the wee morning hours), and I thought what if we really didn’t let our left foot or hand know what our right one was doing. What if we allowed our body to conduct itself in a compartmentalized way?

Then we may have problems. The brain would send messages to the appendage like the feet and they, like a strong-willed cat, may or may not obey.  I watched this movie when I was a kid called “Airplane”, funny movie starring Leslie Nelson.  One of the movies characters developed a drinking problem. The characters drinking problem was demonstrated when he tried to drink a glass of water and  he would miss his mouth and spill it on his shirt. I imagine if all our systems of the body keep secrets and developed conflicting personalities this is how we might look. A shirt soaked in whatever liquid we were trying to consume and a walk that would make Dr. Frankensteins’ monster look like he had the grace of Fred Astaire. You laugh or maybe you aren’t laughing(I know the jokes weren’t that funny), but this is what happens sometimes in a family or a company. We forget that despite being an individual we are a part of something bigger. It is easy on a journey to self-awareness to become selfish. Ask any parent with a teenager in the home and I am sure they will tell you that this line is crossed by their child everyday and it is the parents job to remind them of the family as a composite.

We are all part of this great big juxtaposition on “Mothership Earth” (O and by the way, Led Zeppelin rocks!) and the ride (for everyone) will be much smoother if we do not keep secrets and just work together. So Left foot, I know these shoes rock and maybe you wanted to be the first one to wear them and I am sorry but hey first isn’t always best. Everyone one else let’s all be cool and work together



  1. Yes it is great! Thanks for taking it 🙂

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