No Reset Button

Posted: April 4, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Don’t lie now… Did you ever play the “Super Mario Bros.” NES video game? I did I played that game as much as my dad and mom would allow me. See the thing about video games (according to my parents) is if you play them in the summer when the sun is shining they will make you sick. So I had to play my games in the evening, after homework was done. Despite my limited video game interaction I got some game time in. I can remember the game playing and I remember going through many Mario Brothers lives. Every time you would die you could reset and start again at various check points through the game. There were also the “cheat codes” you could enter the games and get 100 lives or infinite fire power (Mario didn’t use bullets to squash the bad guy). bottom line is I had fun playing these video games and a big part of it was because you could try again and again, play level after level until you got it right.

I can recall a conversation I had with an old neighbor and friend. His name is John. John worked at the Youth Challenge Academy in Southeast GA.  The Youth Challenge Academy is a type of alternative school for high school dropouts. School is conducted in a “boot camp style” at youth challenge. John works as a teacher/drill instructor with these youths. I asked John how work was going and he made a vague comment about how a lot of the kids coming through the system act as though there life has a reset button.

Johns’ comment still makes me think… Life is something precious and valuable and we often only get one chance. I like to ask myself am I doing things with this life that I am proud of, and that are exciting or am I just drifting on not helping and hurting? My answer is important because unlike Mario we only have one chance at this life.




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