With this watch

Posted: April 5, 2012 in Uncategorized
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I was either 13 or 14 years old I had spent a summer working at the ice plant. Traveling all over the city of Cleveland with an older fellow named Don  loading freezers at mini marts with bags of “crystal clear” ice. I had also shaken out all the birthday and Christmas cards out. I counted all the money and made my way to the store I really can’t remember which store it was, but I remember why I was there, standing at the counter my whole savings clutched in my 13-year-old hand. I was there to buy a watch. Not just any watch, mind you. This watch was a flat black digital compass watch. Oh yeah this watch was going to keep me on track. As the young lady handed over the watch and me the money I could feel the adventures I was going to go on with this watch. I was going to trek through the Everglades and scale K2 (I have always been a vivid dreamer), and this watch was going to help me. I haven’t hiked through the Everglades or scaled K2 yet, but I like to think I have had some adventures (and of course I will blog about them later though, not today you have stuff to do). I ended up as all 13 year olds (or maybe 14 year olds I really cannot remember)  do loosing this prized possession.

I had some adventures with this watch before it was lost, and I realized something else… I didn’t need the watch to have an adventure. Around the same time I was purchasing the watch I was also discovering on TV this gem of a program that featured a protagonist of the same name sake as the title. The program was called “MacGyver”. Every episode of MacGyver showed this guy with the feathered hair employing some type of jerry rigged mechanism that he created under duress to move his way out of said duress. The show was great! Watching that show showed me that I didn’t need a watch for an adventure just imagination, hard work and ingenuity. Oh yeah after watching three episodes I decided my next purchase was going to be a swiss army knife.





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