Ok there are how many people and how many seats?

Posted: April 17, 2012 in Uncategorized
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So earlier this year James Cameron re released his hit romantic movie “The Titanic“, this release was a little different it was in 3 d. No I didn’t go to the movies and watch it this time, did you? The story of the Titanic, the ship not the movie, is a sad one.. well come to think of it the movie was also sad.  I am sure everyone knows about the Titanic and the tragedy at sea.

At the time the Titanic (yes I will write the story here despite everyone knowing, because I am crazy of course no just like an abbreviated story so it’s cool ) was the world’s largest ocean liner. This was a big deal because at the time most of the world was struggling to gain resources and a feat like building the largest luxury liner represented a status and will over everything to succeed. The ocean liner however sank in the icy waters after it hit an ice berg and    1523   people drowned(see it was a short synopsis, right?). 

What made the Titanic tragedy so sad was that when the boat began to sink there was ample time to evacuate the ship, but not ample space on the life boats. The reason for the lack of the proper amount of life boats is unclear. It seem that the ship’s lack of life boats was within the regulation of the authority at the time. The board of trade regulation determined the amount of life boats to be based on tonnage as opposed to the amount of passengers on board.  Some historians blame hubris for the lack of lifeboats. Fueling the fire for this assumption of hubris on the White Star company’s (the company that owned the ship) executives may have been the claims that the ship was unsinkable.

Wether hubris or clear oversight it doesn’t matter after the fact.  Because there were not enough life boats and the ship sank and a number  of other variables only 705 people were rescued. Sometimes at home or work we can become hurried or arrogant and we fail to do things that could result in hurting others. The terrible tragedy that was the sinking of the titanic can serve future generations as a teaching moment. Be proud not arrogant, do not hurry your work and remember the most important thing that it is not about policies and regulations it is all about people.






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