They will never go away

Posted: April 24, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Monday morning comes with a weekly status meeting at work. I go over progress on projects. I give timelines to the completion of the projects and the list that is called weekly accomplishments grows as the list called tasks shrinks.. Well not really, despite accomplishments list lengthening the tasks list seems to continue to grow and in a strange twist sometimes the task list is refilled with a revisit from the accomplishments list a new old project. Does this describe your work week? Does it feel like no matter how hard you try you will never empty your inbox? Does this describe your life? Does it feel like your week and weekend are dominated by tasks that will never get done and when the are done they are replaced by the same tasks? (and no I am not selling some organizing app for the i phone)

I once read a book (yes only one and then my head started hurting), titled “Don’t sweat the small stuff and it’s all small stuff.” by Richard Carlson.  I have mentioned this book before in my blog ( I mean that makes sense right? being the only book I’ve ever read), and I said it before and will say it again. Read that book really good book!   One interesting part in the book speaks about the fact that are inbox will never be empty and he was right.

Often we approach the inbox or our task list as a knight slaying a dragon maybe this is not the best technique maybe the inbox or task list would be better approached as opportunities for learning new things and meeting new people.

When I was a kid, like many children my parents would read me stories about adventurers setting out to do something great. These intrepid men and women were not concerned with the Zero inbox theory (interesting blog by the way), or the passive inbox  theory (another interesting blog too).  Now that I think about it all the adventurers in my childhood stories were not users of e-mail or the web (the stories were written well before the internet was invented by Al Gore).  These men and women in their,  bravery and valor,  did not concern themselves with Monday meetings and tasks or to do lists they simply displayed valor by helping damsels in distress and towns sacked by ogres (sorry Shrek some of your kin were rough).

I know it seems foolish to compare our childhood heroes and their situations to ours but how much more foolish is it to assume that we will solve all the world problems and empty our in boxes by the end of the day week month or year?





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