We enter the conference room not sure and I don’t know about the rest of my work colleagues  but I am unsure what to think. We were scheduled months ago for this meeting with the new HR rep, from the main office. I was a little anxious but my anxiety ebbed as she began to rattle on about harassment in the work place and clicked through slide after slide. This was a meeting I like to call the PSA type. PSA is short for public service announcement. The announcement was simple and unfortunately not short. It was basically respect your co workers.

During the monotonous speak and slide turning my mind begins to wonder (as it often does) and my focus turns from the plain power point presentation to the table where I see a bowl of jelly beans. One of my co workers (no he wasn’t demoted from colleague  to co-worker I am just playing with the two words, which one makes me sound like less of a jerk? colleague  or co-worker hmm…) has noticed the jar already, I know this because he is eating from the jar. I refrain from eating the sugary goodness and suffer through the rest of the slide show.

At the end of the show there is a terrible video put together by a law firm with b actors engaging in a scenario where harassment in the work place is identified and fixed amicably and peacefully. After the video we are asked to pick one jelly bean from the jar. The HR rep reads off a pop psych. evaluation for each of us based on the color of the jelly bean we pick. Despite this being totally inaccurate, everyone loves it because I am convinced everyone’s favorite subject is themselves (me included). She explains that it is fun to try to evaluate all the diverse personalities and our work place much like the bowl of jelly beans is a mixture of different personalities. I like her analogy. It really hits home. Perhaps because I love candy or maybe color I am not sure but ever since that meeting I cannot help but picture all my associates (yes I like that word best)  as jelly beans and the work place as this glass bowl. So you’re welcome for that mental image this morning






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