Mystical Love

Posted: April 30, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Sunday almost came and went without anything odd or different. Almost….

It seems (and this is in no way a complaint) that Sunday at the small country baptist church I attened will never be mundane, this is a good thing. Yesterday’s service started as all others have, after receiving a bulletien from one of the dutiful ushers I made my way to the seat at the back of the church.  The seat usually occupied by me and my brood was taken. Small change, no big deal. We adjust accordingly and occupy the row behind another brood who are new to service. Adjustment made I glance at the buletein and notice that there is a different entry.  After the service part of the anouncement there are the words printed in the caligraphy font, specail anouncement. I felt as though I was at a movie theater, where they tell you to “stay tuned all the way till the end, you know after the credits”. We follow the orders of the bulletien and boy am I glad we did.

It’s a wedding. The reason we where politely pushed farther back was because of the wedding party. Bill and Glenda are great folks who have dated forever. Real salt of the earth people and it seems they wanted to tie the knot, yesterday and they did! Right after the service the preacher made the anouncement about the wedding. Glenda’s son made his way to the altar qwhite guitar in hand played music while his mom and fiance marched down the aisle. At the altar the couple took the plunge. The preacher spoke eloquently about love, so eloquenty that this is where I stole my post title from.

He mentioned, and I know I will get this wrong, that “marriage is a mirror of the mystical love Christ has for his church”. Now I am not sure where you fall in the religion department however the baptist religion (and well theology class here christianity is the religion baptist is the denomination, I just flashed back to middle school catechism classes ohh spooky ) anyways the Christian religion pictures the savior as a groom and the body of believers as a bride. The groom demonstrates through sacrifice and various miracles love which cannot be understood, however I believe as the preacher mentioned at the spontaneous, impromptu nuptial. That this love is mirrored and we catch a glimpse of it in weddings, the birth of our children a charitable gift to a cause. My wish for this week is to exercise more of this love so that we can catch more glimpses of it. I think the world needs it. What do you think?







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