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“This meeting is scheduled till 12 but, Don’t worry I will be out way before then. Maybe 11:30 or even like 15 after.” I could hear the fret in her voice as she responded with the warning. “You know it’s going to run over now, right?” I answered back with as much self sureness as I could without becoming a jerk. “I don’t believe in all that mumbo jumbo.”



Well the meeting ended well after 12. John 0 universe 1. “I will do this a different way, we can skip the testing step and save time.” I was sure this would bring the project I was working on to closure and nothing bad would happen as I spoke I did not even consider what my assumptions earlier in the same work day did to me. “Well if you are sure go ahead and do it and let me know the results.” Well long story short (I know I know too late) the results were not a project closing and a shorter time line but a still open project with at least an extra day of work.



Sitting on the couch last night after work was over and I had eaten what was quite possibly one of the best steaks ever! I found my self watching with my girlfriend the second episode of a great, now cancelled, (you can watch the whole thing on Hulu +) tv show called “Life”. The show is centered around a police officer,Charlie Crews  and his partner Dani Resse, Charlie was set up and convicted for a crime he didn’t do (yeah I know captain redundancy here set up would indicate that he didn’t do it). DNA evidence exonerated the detective and got him his job back. While in prison the police officer discoveries the Zen philosophy. The zen philosophy makes for some interesting dialogue throughout the series like this gem from the second show in the series last night:




  Correctional officer #2: Are you making fun of us?Charlie Crews: It is the universe that makes fun of us all.[turns and faces other guard, walks away. Reese gives them both a look]

[as they walk outside the prison]
Dani Reese: Why would the universe make fun of us all?
Charlie Crews: Maybe it’s insecure.




So do I believe in the universe? Of course I do, I mean it’s out there. I can’t think of anyone who has not looked up at the stars in amazement and awe. Do I believe the universe makes fun of us all and that through assumptions we play into this comedy and it’s assumed insecurity? Well after yesterday I wonder.


What do you think?





Yesterday at work looking for escape in the mundane Tuesday, (see usually Monday is my mundane day but because of the holiday Terrible Tuesday is now Mundane Monday) I retreated to the confines of my playlist on my Ipad broadcasted to my headphones.

I think that I may be a fan of this music thing. I blogged some time back about how wonderful and timeless a medium music was and how Dick Clark did a wonderful job bringing new and good music into the homes all across America.20120530-075735.jpg

But today’s post, despite the title, is not really about music as much as it is life. As I listened in on Oasis, Kei$ha, Kelly Clarkson, Katy Perry and a plethora of other artists (thanks I tunes), I wondered what my favorite music of all time was and I came up empty.

There are so many great songs written and even better unwritten songs that to pick a favorite seems like a fool’s errand. I will say that every song I really love have some common themes. No no not genres like country or rock or rap themes like a climbing crescendo and then a plateau and a decent.20120530-075820.jpg

Some songs jump right into the high point and go into a sweet decent, but they will rise again into a crescendo and plateau. See they all have the same types of themes? A rise a fall.

I think these songs are all some of my favorites because they aptly mimic how are lives often feel. Kind of chaotic yet thematic and almost organized. Taking a step back and gaining some perspective, we might find some beauty in the roller coasters design.


So I am not sure which song is my favorite, but I know that I am really loving life and music. How about you?







It was 8:30 pm the two of us were tired, sunburned and a little worried about where we would sleep. We drove past the closed ranger station and up to the well lite and open ranger outpost at the Florence Marina State Park in Florence GA.  We were greeted before without even getting out of the vehicle by a man of medium build with a pleasant countenance and in a pleasing manner this was a good sign. “Can I help you folks?” This was a good sign. The website had mentioned that check in for campsites ended at 4 and we hadn’t even purchased a tent until an hour after that time. We asked about a campsite and the kind gentleman ushered us into the outpost. After signing in he guided us to a spot where we could put up the tent and crash for the night.



The next morning we woke up early showered at the parks comfort station and meet up with the ranger at the now open ranger station. The national parks really are a treasure, this summer if you get the chance you should visit. At the ranger station we scheduled a hike with the ranger for GA’s little grand canyon.

     The hike was great it was only the three of us. The guide lead us down and through the canyon. As we hiked down the canyon she explained how this canyon much unlike the one out was was formed by mankind employing poor farming practices.  Once on the canyon floor we were treated to a lesson in earths geological formations and that, despite sounding boring, was actually pretty incredible. The guide read the canyon walls like a book. as we walked through the canyon it felt as if we were going back in time millions of years to a time when that part of the earth was covered with ocean water and then into the time when the waters receded and the land was inhabited by dinosaurs.


As we traveled even deeper the guide mentioned about how all the minerals and water collected on the canyon floor and she said something that really resonated with me. “Almost everything we need and use to live can be found in the canyon here.” Her statement got me to thinking and as we drove out of the state park that afternoon and made our way back home I stole some glances from my traveling companion and still thought about those words “everything we need” and I realized how lucky I was. I have everything I need and want.

peace john3c

Do you believe in ghosts? There is this television show called “TAPS“. In the show a group of investigators visit places that the owner suspects are haunted with ghosts or poltergeist, goblins, things not of this world and unseen and employs a use of various technology and procedure to “prove” or “disprove” the existence of the spectres (and yes I used quotes because I am quite skeptical of anything on television and coupled with the fact that they are hunting for the unseen well let’s say that I am not impressed or interested in the television series and question it’s authenticity).

Harry Houdini, spent the last part of his life and career, after becoming one of the most famous magicians in history, debunking and exposing psychics and people who would “commune with the dead on behalf of the grieving family”. No one really knows what happens to someones soul after their life on earth is done. We have our faiths and beliefs but as far as science is concerned this is a rather large question mark.

When it comes to believing in ghosts or not question I have to answer that I am undecided as to whether ghosts exist or not. Let me also say this I think Oscar Wilde summed it up best when he wrote this

“The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible.”

I agree with the amazing author. Well ghosts and goblin make for some interesting reading and (for some people) must see tv. There is a visible world in front of us with living breathing people and if we focus too much on what is in the ethereal mist we may miss out on some of the most fulfilling moments with the visible and living.



Ok you have your coffee in the car, your black berry vibrated twice already, and rang once. You couldn’t answer the phone because you were waiting in line for the coffee and in traffic for the rings. After you got to the red light you managed to fish the phone out of your pocket and realized that the two vibrations were e mails from your bos rescheduling the meetings for today till tomorrow and the phone call was your sister you haven’t spoke with in months. You get to work and your desk is flooded with papers that hold information about issues you tabled on Tuesday. What do we call this? Easy it’s Wednesday also known as hump day. Now we know what it is called but what are we going to do about it easy. Call your sister (you haven’t spoken to her in months and she took her time to call you), next organize your desk so you can prioritize, remember multitasking is just doing many things poorly, do not multi task, prioritize. Clean your desk out line what you can do list it out, then work down and through the list. 

Now a normal person would end this post with some catchy saying about Wednesday being the beginning of the end of the work week and all of it being down hill from here, but I am beginning to think I am far from normal. See the thing is, it is Wednesday and it is the middle of the work week and things are all downhill from here but, if work or life has become this drudgery mundane existence you may want to consider doing something, which of course is safe and healthy, to shake things up a little. Don’t worry you can do whatever you want or need there isn’t a wrong answer. Some people shake it up with something as drastic as a career change others use something  a little less drastic like coffee from a different shop or a different brand of coffee. I mean it’s your life you should enjoy most of it its shouldn’t be drudgery (isn’t that word like cool? I always think of skullduggery when I see drudgery which is a totally different word and is also cool.), make the changes needed, try new things enjoy it, hey it’s the best time to put things into action it’s Wednesday you can get something together and see what happens.





Ok confession time I like to once a week buy a lottery ticket, hey it’s only a dollar and it is fun if only for a split second to imagine winning the jackpot. I like to visualize a “life of riley” spending the winnings as a globe trotting fun loving guy. So far I have yet to win the lottery and haven’t begun my globe trotting, jet setting life style.


I think the lottery is good fun and just recently I have become maybe ohh let’s say obsessed with the idea of permutations of numbers. The mega millions  lottery for the state of GA works this way; their are five numbers each number can be a value between 1 – 56 then there is a sixth number this can be a value between  1 and 46 now if your numbers on your ticket match the ones on the drawing you win. The prize get rather large. This weeks prize is valued at 16 million (see life of riley no doubt).

So back  to the mathematical permutations. A combination lock for a high school locker or Tony Hawks BMX bike would be a mathematical permutation. That is the numbers must be in a particular order to satisfy the puzzle. By using a technique called n factor one can determine the number of permutations for a combination like say ohh… the lottery (yeah you knew where I was going). Now we can figure out how many combinations there are using something in math called the factorial function. Please forgive me for being pedantic I am merely explaining my thought process which lead to my conclusion(yes I am wrapping this up soon). So utilizing the factorial function as well as  a combination formula we could produce a list of all permutations and or combinations of the winning lottery numbers. Now keep in mind this list is exponential and it would be fiscally irresponsible to purchase all the tickets it would take to win the lottery.

See that’s what makes the lottery fun and fantasy because we know we could win but really because of the large n factor or combination result our winning has moved not form possible to impossible but practical to impractical and if you win you are really just lucky. That’s why we play so that maybe we can get lucky and we have fun when we get one number or five and well I am assuming you or we will have the most fun when we hit all the numbers. But despite the result what is most important is that it is always fun and when it isn’t well maybe a new weekly routine will develop who knows?




I love that word know. Don’t you it sounds like no and looks like now but it is neither of those words it is known. As in did you know this or that? Or do you know him or her? Or do you know how to do this or that? When I see the word know I remember a set of encyclopedias my mom had bought for me and my sisters with the word knowledge on the spine of them in gold stamped inset letters. The books (and I know geek alert here) were really cool. Inside the books where pictures and diagrams of rockets, volcanoes, guns and cannons. The books had stories that outlined how a car engine worked and what made dynamite explode. I am sure that reading those books taught me that I could learn or understand anything. I am trying very hard to be humble here I am sure that there are mysteries that I don’t understand. I am also certain that there are some universal truths that remain unknown however I look to these mysteries not with a pessimistic attitude but with a pragmatic optimism I am sure that if my generation doesn’t the next will solve the mystery increase their knowledge and know what I didn’t.

With knowledge comes power. When men received fire from Prometheus they had the power to warm themselves when they were cold and cook food which would have made them sick had they eaten it uncooked. With knowledge there also comes opportunity. Just this morning before beginning this post I noticed on the wordpress front page, quite a few interesting blogs that I plan on reading later. The understanding of wide area networks made it possible for these authors to draft up these posts, which look very promising, and I learned and now know how to read so this will be something enjoyable I am sure (I warned you about the geek thing).

So I am interested in what you me and we know. We should share what we know with family friends coworkers and I am sure that with this process we will grow together and learn much much more, and really enjoy ourselves.