The best kind of magic

Posted: May 1, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Last night I was sitting on the couch with my girl friend watching a television show called “Once upon a Time” .  It’s a great show comes on ABC Sunday night. If you aren’t watching you should start. The premise for the show is a strange one.  The evil queen in a fairy tale has trapped all the fairy tale creatures in the real world and more pointedly a town in Maine called Story Broke (funny name right?).  In Story Broke none of the creatures know that they are trapped or that they are fairy tale creatures.  But yeah great show it is currently number one in the Sunday night time slot even. Which I mean I am not one to usually agree with the masses but this time yeah it’s a good show, well written and I have the feeling that because of the writting when the novelty of the premise wears away the show should have some staying power we will see.

Last night on the show one of the magical creatures from the fairy tale world (in a flashback scene) mentioned that a young man would have to grow up in a “world without magic” (she was of course refering to the world everyone watching the show lives in and the world everyone in Story Broke is trapped in (man this show really plays with the whole thrid wall huh?). Anyway as I sat there thinking about a world with no magic while watching the images flicker and make sound form the box in the living room and my girlfreind played games on her I Pad which was  connectedwirelessly to the world wide web. I realized that we live in a world full of magic, but our magic is not limited by wands, fairy dust, wizards or magical encantations it is only limited by our imagination and education. I trully feel that we have the best kind of magic. Not just math and science but the human spirit is in and of itself magic. With determination and hard work men have been able to break out of the Earths atmosphere and travel to the moon. With the same spirit information is moved across the earth at lighting fast speeds over the world wide web.  Our magic here in the “real world” is the best kind not because of what it can do but because of who can do it. Anyone can! Orphans have become CEOS and baseball stars, college dropouts helped invent the internet and introverted kids created one of the most popular websites ever on said internet. What are you doing with our kind of magic?





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