Like Glue

Posted: May 2, 2012 in Uncategorized
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It was a while back, there was a broken cabinet door so I made my way to one of my most favorite stores ever, Lowes.  I purchased Gorilla Glue made my way back to broken cabinet door. took the pieces applied the glue set the pieces back in place and allowed the glue to dry it did the trick.

Glue is funny stuff it will sit in the bottle and not stick to anything however when you pour it out it sticks to everything. There was this commercial for krazyglue where this glue would apply just a dab of krazy glue to his construction helmet and then have the helmet bond to a  steel girder and hang 12 stories up in the air just holding onto his helmet. With the right adhesive we can bond to anything. When I think about glue I think about all the ideas people have and how as long as they stay in the bottle and until they see the light of day they bond to nothing. Then sometimes when out ideas do see the light of day they still do not “bond”. In the case of our ideas seeing the light of day and not bonding perhaps the problem is where and how we applied them(like glue).  Anyways bottom line is, that everyone has a lot of, good ideas, million dollar ideas, ideas that can change the world, however until those ideas are out of the bottle and applied they will remain inert and ineffective.

I love reading about Thomas Edison (one of the greatest minds ever) and all of his ideas. Edison was said to have kept a pocket notebook in which he jotted down his ideas whenever he was hit with inspiration. I have tried to do this myself and find it therapeutic. Now my girl friend has pointed out that I am at times Absent – minded and has steered me in the direction of this really cool I pad app called paper by 53. Keeping a notebook is a great idea, I mean Thomas Edison did it right? It is also a good idea to not get discouraged when you are applying your idea, remember that I had to leave the pieces of the cabinet out overnight to bond.  So keep your head up keep coming up with, documenting and applying those ideas.





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