Hey it’s Friday!

Posted: May 4, 2012 in Uncategorized
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It’s cool you can do your own special it’s Friday dance go ahead I’ll wait. Don’t you hate it when someone typing oh let’s say a blog asks you to do something then says I will wait. I mean did I really stop typing and wait for you  Friday dance to end. I mean How would I know how long you dance lasted and therefore how would I know how long to pause? Yeah I hate it too, so apologies for my failure at trying to be clever but seriously it is Friday and that is awesome! The weekend is here and plans (which are not work) are about to be brought to life! I am not sure where you live but in this area it is spring time and there are all kinds of outdoor festivals going on as well as runs and even some outdoor concerts (it’s all very cool).

I am noy sure what your plans are for the weekend but you should definitely make some and then break some. Yeah I said it make and break. There was an article in newsweek which mentioned that happy people are more likely to try something new then un happy people. I don’t know about you but I like being happy and it seems like it would make sense to emulate the behavior of someone you would like to be like, so if you want to be happy try something new this weekend. Go to a different restaurant, if you like rap take in a rock concert or vice versa, I mean it’s Friday right?

Well what ever you do this weekend enjoy yourself!








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