What it takes

Posted: May 8, 2012 in Uncategorized
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We were on our way home from a visit with grand parents. It was a trip that crossed the state border, we were tired four kids and two adults on a 5 hour plus car ride will get tired. Mom had just told us to hold on and that’s when as if on cue the crash happened.  It was bad, but everyone in our station wagon got away with minor scrapes and bruises. Dad got us all out of the car quickly and positioned us on the roadside away from the melee, then I saw him open the driver’s side door of the other car and quickly grab towels and shirts to help stop the drivers bleeding, it looked like he wasn’t as lucky as we were.

This morning on the radio I heard a story about a construction worker who fell 40 feet into a vat of acid. One of the coworkers went in after the man. Yes you read right into the acid.  I am not sure what your scale is for determining a heroe, but selfless sacrifice makes the cut in my book. The good news is both men survived the one who fell is in the hospital and the one who went after him was in and out of the hospital.

The story got me to thinking  what makes an individual act heroically, and do I have it in me? I am not sure on the later however for the first I just feel that a respect and value for human life is what compels most men and women to “stick their necks out ” for others.

I am not sure about the construction worker but I know my dad and he will deny it but he loves life his own and others. He respects everyone and understands how important and precious life is. I hope that I can be just a shadow of my dad.





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