Happy birthday now give me some money

Posted: May 9, 2012 in Uncategorized
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So May 12 is quickly approaching and with it I will turn another year older. When I was younger and still under the care of my parents I would look forward to my birthday. Each year brought cake, ice cream, presents and a really cool party. Now each year brings few presents (I am super grateful), fewer mentions and if I eat cake it is done with knowing just how long I have to spend on the tread mill or the path to work off the cake. Oh yeah I forgot, (and it is this posts title what is going on here??) I also get to pay the local government a tax to ride my car on the county roads and city streets (despite what  the Flying Lizards sing the best things in life are not free). It’s cool though I understand that we have to pay to enjoy the privilege, I mean those potholes will not fill themself.

I think immediately after leaving home and accepting adult responsibilities, birthdays were not that much fun. However with some experience and adjustments birthdays have become more fun.  I like to sit back and do some reflecting on what happened in the past year and what I would like to see happen in the new year, and the few presents I get because they are few are more special to me.   Maybe my birthdays are becoming more of a celebration of life, maybe my mom and dad were teaching me with each party how important life is or maybe I am just rationalizing and looking at this day through rose-colored glasses so that I will not be so upset when I go down to the local court-house to shell out more money… I choose to believe the first over the latter.




Stacie if you are reading this I am sorry for not calling you on your birthday, I hope it was a good one I love you and Happy late birthday


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