What I’ve learned from mom

Posted: May 13, 2012 in Uncategorized
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“You should be nicer to family”. My mom had me before she turned 20 and dad was 21 in 1977 mom and dad, were young parents. They had kids young and were married younger. Mom always tried to keep a house full of love and peace. Now I am the oldest of four three of who are girls and I am sure if you ask my sisters they will maintain that our house was anything but peaceful. Off course my sisters would probably adamantly deny that they were the source of any discord, but for the most part mom ran a peaceful house. We had three square meals a day and the four of us went without want. Seeing mom navigate her family through all the pitfalls of a family consisting of four women and two men taught me above all else, that you can do anything.
With love and hard work mom ran the home. I have kids of my own now and being children in a broken home I often worry that me and my kids relationships will not be a strong as they need to be but I remember what and how my young mom held together and raised 4 great kids. Thanks mom and happy mothers day

That’s not a picture of my mom it is a picture of my daughter hannah


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