Wait what’s your end game

Posted: May 14, 2012 in Uncategorized
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So I might be a geek, dork or nerd but truth be told I enjoy a good chess game every once in a while.  What about you? One of my good friends from middle school taught me the moves and the objective for the game of chess. So for those of you who have never played, chess is a game played on a checker board with 16 white playing pieces and 16 black pieces. Each chess piece has its on set of moves and the winner of the chess game is the player who captures the other players king.  After learning the moves of each player as well as the objective I was thrown into the foray and I hit the learning curve rather hard but it was cool. I lost a lot of games playing with Sean and I like to think I learned a little about strategy. I use the word little because I currently play chess against a computer program and I struggle on the novice level. Keep in mind there is the very weak, weak, simple and the novice level on the game, so see a little?

The one thing I like about playing chess is that the game is played in three parts; opening meddle and end game. Of course the end game is to capture the other player king but how to get there is the fun part. See each move when playing chess can change the possibilities for your players move. Each move whether it is your move or your opponents will shape how the end game happens. So even though there are only 32 pieces and 64 squares on the board it can seem like the end games that are played out ar infinite, they aren’t there is a finite amount of moves, which is ten to the forty-third power(this of course is the Shannon number). Something interesting about the Shannon number is that the number of atoms estimated to be in the observable universe are ten to the eighty-first power. So as you can see the amount of possible end game movements at the start of the game can seem to be unfathomable but as you begin to make moves and your opponent the board shrinks options disappear and your end game makes it self open. Life works in much the same way every decision we make and every reaction opens and closes doors. I enjoy a good game of chess and I do my best to enjoy life. Embrace the changes that you and others have made because they will take away as well as open up multiple possibilities.











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