I agree now quit yelling at me

Posted: May 15, 2012 in Uncategorized
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“I don’t yell I project.” That was what Billy Mays, the incredibly popular and recently deceased spokes man for the wildly successful  cleaning product, Oxy Clean. I never meet Billy Mays I just know the little about him that I do from interviews for magazines and his peers comments after his death. According to his peers the man was a great guy and will be forever missed and according to him he projected well enough to not need a microphone and so did the visiting minister Sunday at our small church.

I am not sure if I mentioned but the regular preacher at our church recently retired and the board of deacons are now in the middle of searching for a replacement preacher as well as substitute preachers until the replacement is found. This Sunday the minister was a local but traveling evangelical minister and he was loud!  I am not and have never been a fan of getting yelled at. I was one of four children growing up and my mom did her share of yelling, mostly  because me and my sisters did our share of mischievous games(nothing sinister mind you).  When I joined the U.S. Army after graduating form high school I experienced my share of yelling then too. So I feel that the last thing I wanted to do on a Sunday afternoon was sit through another person yelling at me, but out of respect for church I did however I will not endorse this individual for the permanent church position simply because of his projection/yelling.

During the sermon my girlfriend leaned over and asked me why he was yelling at us. Being that it was a pretty inane standard mothers day message, which was mostly centered around  a need for a mothers love and her teaching her children the importance of “holy living’, I really couldn’t tell her why. Being the person I am I couldn’t let this question go unanswered. I mulled it over and over and as you can tell from earlier on in this post I am no stranger to yelling so I should definitely know the reason why. 

As far as I can tell yelling comes from two camps one fueled by anger and or frustration. For example the mother of four children who have decided to write the alphabet on the bedroom wall in markers, will definitely have anger as the anger as the fuel for her yelling. Now the other fuel for yelling I like to call the “replacement fuel”. Let me explain. I love sports and I have seen many sports movies and many games, professional as well as amateur, and one thing I noticed is that those who love the game play very well and those who don’t do not play well. I was watching a sports movie about a high school team and of course at half time they were playing poorly the assistant coach looked to head coach for motivation and in the locker room the head coach yelled at the players and kicked over the 20 gallon tub of Gatorade. As the coach walked out he told the assistant coach “we will see how that works.” See because the players lacked a love of the game they were playing in a lackadaisical manner and loosing, the coach yelled at them to replace the love they lacked with a type of need to please the upset and disappointed coach.

My problem with yelling in church, I mean besides just not liking the yelling thing, is that anger has no place on Sunday morning in church and that the word of god was powerful enough to start and maintain all existence so it lacks nothing.

I am still not sure why the visiting preacher yelled at us but I am sure of one thing. Finding a replacement for the recently retired preacher is not going to be an easy feat.




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