Try not to take life so seriously, none of us get out alive.

Posted: May 18, 2012 in Uncategorized
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So if you are a fan of comedy like me, you may recognize the posts title. It is from the great comedic masterpiece known as Van Wilder. For those not familiar with this wonderful work, the movie is a slapstick comedy in which the protagonist whose namesake is the movies title, while living out his life as a career college student involves himself in one misadventure after another(think of this movie as another generations one man “Animal House”). Now Van Wilder was written and should be watched as fun escapism but the quote which is also the title of this post is always something I like to keep in mind.
Sometimes I catch myself being concerned with many of the fodder used to fill my life more than I should. Honestly why should I get bent out of shape over something as minuet as an appointment that has ran late or a cancelled flight. I like to remember the wisdom of Van Wilder and gain some needed perspective. He is right none of us will get out of this alive and we should all loosen up a little. So this weekend relax loosen up and enjoy the ride.




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