It’s called Wednesday

Posted: May 23, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Ok you have your coffee in the car, your black berry vibrated twice already, and rang once. You couldn’t answer the phone because you were waiting in line for the coffee and in traffic for the rings. After you got to the red light you managed to fish the phone out of your pocket and realized that the two vibrations were e mails from your bos rescheduling the meetings for today till tomorrow and the phone call was your sister you haven’t spoke with in months. You get to work and your desk is flooded with papers that hold information about issues you tabled on Tuesday. What do we call this? Easy it’s Wednesday also known as hump day. Now we know what it is called but what are we going to do about it easy. Call your sister (you haven’t spoken to her in months and she took her time to call you), next organize your desk so you can prioritize, remember multitasking is just doing many things poorly, do not multi task, prioritize. Clean your desk out line what you can do list it out, then work down and through the list. 

Now a normal person would end this post with some catchy saying about Wednesday being the beginning of the end of the work week and all of it being down hill from here, but I am beginning to think I am far from normal. See the thing is, it is Wednesday and it is the middle of the work week and things are all downhill from here but, if work or life has become this drudgery mundane existence you may want to consider doing something, which of course is safe and healthy, to shake things up a little. Don’t worry you can do whatever you want or need there isn’t a wrong answer. Some people shake it up with something as drastic as a career change others use something  a little less drastic like coffee from a different shop or a different brand of coffee. I mean it’s your life you should enjoy most of it its shouldn’t be drudgery (isn’t that word like cool? I always think of skullduggery when I see drudgery which is a totally different word and is also cool.), make the changes needed, try new things enjoy it, hey it’s the best time to put things into action it’s Wednesday you can get something together and see what happens.






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