It was 8:30 pm the two of us were tired, sunburned and a little worried about where we would sleep. We drove past the closed ranger station and up to the well lite and open ranger outpost at the Florence Marina State Park in Florence GA.  We were greeted before without even getting out of the vehicle by a man of medium build with a pleasant countenance and in a pleasing manner this was a good sign. “Can I help you folks?” This was a good sign. The website had mentioned that check in for campsites ended at 4 and we hadn’t even purchased a tent until an hour after that time. We asked about a campsite and the kind gentleman ushered us into the outpost. After signing in he guided us to a spot where we could put up the tent and crash for the night.



The next morning we woke up early showered at the parks comfort station and meet up with the ranger at the now open ranger station. The national parks really are a treasure, this summer if you get the chance you should visit. At the ranger station we scheduled a hike with the ranger for GA’s little grand canyon.

     The hike was great it was only the three of us. The guide lead us down and through the canyon. As we hiked down the canyon she explained how this canyon much unlike the one out was was formed by mankind employing poor farming practices.  Once on the canyon floor we were treated to a lesson in earths geological formations and that, despite sounding boring, was actually pretty incredible. The guide read the canyon walls like a book. as we walked through the canyon it felt as if we were going back in time millions of years to a time when that part of the earth was covered with ocean water and then into the time when the waters receded and the land was inhabited by dinosaurs.


As we traveled even deeper the guide mentioned about how all the minerals and water collected on the canyon floor and she said something that really resonated with me. “Almost everything we need and use to live can be found in the canyon here.” Her statement got me to thinking and as we drove out of the state park that afternoon and made our way back home I stole some glances from my traveling companion and still thought about those words “everything we need” and I realized how lucky I was. I have everything I need and want.

peace john3c


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