What is your favorite song?

Posted: May 30, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Yesterday at work looking for escape in the mundane Tuesday, (see usually Monday is my mundane day but because of the holiday Terrible Tuesday is now Mundane Monday) I retreated to the confines of my playlist on my Ipad broadcasted to my headphones.

I think that I may be a fan of this music thing. I blogged some time back about how wonderful and timeless a medium music was and how Dick Clark did a wonderful job bringing new and good music into the homes all across America.20120530-075735.jpg

But today’s post, despite the title, is not really about music as much as it is life. As I listened in on Oasis, Kei$ha, Kelly Clarkson, Katy Perry and a plethora of other artists (thanks I tunes), I wondered what my favorite music of all time was and I came up empty.

There are so many great songs written and even better unwritten songs that to pick a favorite seems like a fool’s errand. I will say that every song I really love have some common themes. No no not genres like country or rock or rap themes like a climbing crescendo and then a plateau and a decent.20120530-075820.jpg

Some songs jump right into the high point and go into a sweet decent, but they will rise again into a crescendo and plateau. See they all have the same types of themes? A rise a fall.

I think these songs are all some of my favorites because they aptly mimic how are lives often feel. Kind of chaotic yet thematic and almost organized. Taking a step back and gaining some perspective, we might find some beauty in the roller coasters design.


So I am not sure which song is my favorite, but I know that I am really loving life and music. How about you?








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